You’re Doing It Wrong – Motorcycle


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    The thing that needs to be pointed out is that he is more than likely traveling over 100 mph at the very least, and is about to have a very… very bad day.

    A testament to the advancements in safety technology. It amazes me to see these guys go concrete surfing like that and limp away from it.

    What a fascinating modern world we live in.


    Doing it wrong, sure, but he’s doing it well. That must count for something..


    I prefer the ones to emo kids, where he had a “RAZR” phone at his wrist, with the same caption.

    Either that one, or the one with the electric shaver on the wrist, that was phunneh too.

    t. durden

    I think if you do something that wrong, but so awesomely, i think it can’t be wrong really.