Venom, As He Should Be


They had Topher Grace playing a muscle bound meat head like Eddie Brock?


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    My favorite Peter Parker/Eddie Brock scene was in the Todd McFarlane books, when Peter comes home to find Eddie Brock sitting down and drinking iced tea with Aunt May.

    tiki god

    YES! And then they make a playdate to go fight down at the warehouse / pier, and Aunt May’s all like “oh what a nice young man”

    I still own that issue in fact.


    McFarlane Spider-Man fucking rocked. I was kind of hyped a few weeks ago when I read that Sam Raimi asked McFarlane to do the initial character sketches for the movie-Venom. Obviously they went in a different direction.


    I had read before the film was released that they went with someone of Topher Grace’s stature because they wanted someone who would basically be Peter Parker’s doppelganger (i.e. not too big). I think they wanted to keep him smaller so they wouldn’t have to explain: 1. How the suit bulked up Brock so much when it didn’t do that to Peter or 2. Why Lou Ferrigno was working as a freelance photographer. Either way it’s a classic example of Hollywood dumbing down something for the masses that the real fans would just accept.


    What they should have done was cast a body builder or at least someone with some weight to them. In the comics Brock was already swoll before Spider-man screwed him on the Scorpion story.


    Rock on


    yeah!! i mean, topher grace?? he was the funny loser-skinny guy from that 70’s show, but no fucking eddie brock!!! fucking hollywood idiots…

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