Spot The Racist


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    Add would have been infinity more effective if they put a some middle aged white guy in a business suit for the other picture.

    Come to think of it, there should be more pictures of other races.

    Actually… this ad is racist.


    so we should just assume she isn’t racist because shes black?


    You mean there are black racists? Well, why would they possibly have anything against white people? I mean, we let them live in our countries, and sometimes we even let them clean up after us. It was a white person who freed the slaves…hooray for white people. I just can’t imagine what historic greivances any black person could possibly, in a million years have with white people. It’s unfair that they stereotype us like that. That’s called racial profiling and it’s just plain wrong. Maybe I should write a hip-hop song about it…or a jazzy blues song!! Yeah, it ain’t… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s the point of the ad, Darko.

    No wonder people have such trouble with this concept.

    Most people in America think that in order to be racist you have to be white. The truth is most racists are black and hispanic and asian.


    Magnus, that’s true from all I’ve seen. Now you’ll still see old white folks being racist here and there, but that’s about it.


    Jesus christ, if we’re responsible for all the shit our great-great-great-grandfathers have done, then i really hope none of them had an overdue library book they didnt return, or else I’ll have to take out a second mortgage.


    Caucasian are not as racist as minority think they are. The low number of KKK nowaday is the proof.
    However, those who assume everyone beside their own race is more racist, you sir/ma’am are racist yourself.


    Maya Angelou is a racist?


    1) From the way Yanks talk on the internet, you’d think White Americans were the main targets in the world for racism. Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone but a white American bleet on about how they’re so oppressed. Kind of odd considering how White Americans seem to run the world right now. 2) Last time I went to the States, it was to see my step-mom’s family, who lived in rural Ohio, Georgia and Northern Florida. If you think there aren’t a fuckload of white racists left, you should go there. I’ve never seen so many people be able to… Read more »


    Caio… their reasoning is actually pretty simple. A hundred years ago, uppity blacks were in their right place. All of the forward progress that’s been made since has come at the expense of the “righteous” people on top; white, rural Americans.

    It’s pretty sick; affirmative action is supposed to be racist against whites because it’s a progressive policy that gets more minorities education than would happen otherwise. The reason that we should be helping minorities get ahead now is because of the “affirmative action” minorities gave white Americans in the 1800’s: slavery (blacks) and land (hispanic & native american)

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Caio and natakamus live in a fantasy world. The race card is now trumped by the reality card. Affirmative action is by definition racist. There’s no justification for it. You can’t call for equality and then once attained cry about wanting more. All the progress in the first world has not been at the expense of white people, it’s been done BY them. This land may be all immigrants with the real variable being when your family immigrated here but the COUNTRY was built, defended, and prospers because of white people. So? That’s the point of this ad. Don’t be… Read more »


    So… wait on… The Africans get kidnapped, taken far from home, and enslaved. Later, they get freed but are treated as second-class citizens. Finally, about forty years ago, they get equal protection under the law, but still face massive amounts of discrimination. Now these people who suffer from generations of ill-treatment and endemic poverty are being given slightly preferential treatment so that their whole socioeconomic group can pick itself up by getting easier access to education, and this is a bad thing? The American whites are the most pampered and privileged group in the history of this planet. Such the… Read more »


    Um, Dexx. I think Magnus was joking…at least I hope he was joking.


    I’m still at odds with why slavery is a talking point. I mean, I recall a certain civilization that enslaved generations of other people. Given the sheer numbers and breadth of races exploited I could claim that my ancestors too were slaves.

    But you don’t see me suing the Italian government.

    I mean, 89 years kind of pales in comparison to over a millennium and a half.


    Then what is equality :\