Dubai From Orbit


Wacky shit going on there.

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    Everyone on the palm leafs has a beach front property. YAY!

    I would recommend doing some reading on the construction projects in the city state of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Including: The Burj Dubai, and Dubailand. The Burj Al Arab Hotel is nice as well, though, a bit pricy.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    …I bet it could be hit from orbit too…just sayin.


    Meh. Showoffs.


    I just read an article about some skyscrapers some developers are interested in. They’d be 60-100 stories high, and each floor would revolve around a central hub. Things like plumbing and elevators would have flexible socket/connectors at the shaft.


    I got curious so I had a look at Dubai with google maps – took me ages to actually realise that when you zoom in on it, those peculiar shapes are actually huge docks. Wow.


    WTH, is that the map of the world right off the coast?


    It’s a map of the world – a network of artificially-created private islands. You can buy one if you are very, very rich.

    Just do a google image search for “dubai islands” and you’ll see lots of jaw-dropping stuff.


    The funny thing is that the water is slowly eroding their new islands, so they’ll have to perpetually bring more dirt out there to keep everything afloat.