Gay Cowboys


[brokeback mountain]
Still haven’t found the time/ nerve to watch this movie.

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    I’m queer, but it didn’t do much for me, to be honest. It’s quite a frustrating story, watching two people who love each other but keep sabotaging their own relationship again and again. It’s ultimately unsatisfying, and has one helluva downer ending.


    like dexX said the ending is all kinds of sad. I think alot of the popularity of it just came form the main characters being gay.


    There’s basically no sex in this film. There’s a little kissing and a lot of suggestion, but nothing overt.

    The movie is not about two men having sex. It’s about two men who were born and raised in a narrow, restrictive culture and the impossibility of their feelings for one another — its time setting would have let them move to San Fancisco or Fire Island easily — and the fundamental way in which they were more or less literally trapped in their background and heritage.

    BBM is not a Gay Cowboy movie; it’s slow, beautiful and thoughtful, and features — mostly — a lot of scenes of beautiful landscape, punctuated occasionally by emotional intensity brought about not by the Gay Cowboys, but rather the way they are trapped in what they didn’t ask to be.

    Don’t be nervous. You won’t see anything in this film apart from what I just described. If you’re really worried, read Anne Proulx’s original novella. What she writes is almost exactly what you get on the screen.


    They really aren’t gay cowboys at all.
    They are gay sheep herders.


    Very well put, Warren, well written.

    Too bad this is the internet and most people will stop trying to read your comment after the first sentence.



    are you really going to say that this movie is not a gay cowboys movie?

    it’s about 2 gay cowboys. or am i missing something?

    just because they don’t have any chocolate pudding,
    doesn’t mean it isn’t a gay cowboy movie.


    Were they eating pudding?


    “Gay” films usually have 3 worn-out tired subjects: 1 coming-out & sexual-orientation frustration, 2 AIDS, dying or suicide, 3 transvestites. I am so bored with it all. (After all the hype, I finally borrowed a copy of “Brokeback Mt.” and fell asleep half way through … been there, seen it before.)

    Imagine if you were watching a “straight” romance-drama and three-fourths of the film was taken up with the main characters dealing with their “heterosexuality”.

    Maybe I’ve lived in Europe too long … but I’m waiting for a gay film to come along that is simply about romance and love … not about their sexual orientation, death or transvestites. Now wouldn’t that be something new.

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