Zombie Survival Kit

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    You’re a bit screwed if you’ve only got that many rounds.


    That’s the worst zombie survival kit ever…


    No chainsaw? Lame.


    Wow… what is that, maybe 6, 7 dead zombies, and then 20 others eat you alive when you’re out of ammo.


    If you ever read the zombie survival guide you would know why there is no chainsaw.


    I would personaly be packing a Chuck Norris-in-a-box.


    Well you need a mellee weapon with more range than a knife. And more than like 15 rounds. Movies and alcohol are a bad idea. Movie would jsut waste your time when you should be killing zombies, and alcohol would impair your judgement and make you less alert. You need more rounds, and a better mellee weapon like an axe, or a katana. A boom box with the song Thriller on a Cd would be good too so then you can kill the zombies while they are dancing. zomies HAVE to dance to thrller.


    Bah, no bludgeoning weapon and no sword/bayonet/machete. And no Romero in the DVD pile!!!


    Why are there shotgun shells when the pic shows a rifle? There is no shotgun. The rifle even has a magazine.


    That looks like a Saiga 12. An semi-auto shotgun.

    always prepared

    lame you douche applicator even i have two machetes and a full box of shells for my SHOTGUN!!! and i just started my kits i have list about 30 items long (all of which can be carried in a military style backpack item number 5 on the list)