Kiddy Rifle


I’m going to assume that’s an airsoft rifle.

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    baby’s first m4?


    God help us all if she’s in the girl scouts. You had better damn well buy 80 boxes of cookies.


    It’s definitely an airsoft rifle.

    The one she’s holding doesn’t have the charging handle that an AR-15 would have.


    She could use it on her teeth?


    Amen yo.


    M68 is shopped, well shopped, but shopped nonetheless


    This looks shopped. I can tell by the pixels and by having seen a few shops in my time.


    It wouldnt suprise me if this was real though, people have done stupider things in this day and age. Like fake the moon landing.


    look at the black scope thing on the rifle closely, see that you nigger? it’s called an M68 mil dot reticule, it’s used for quick sight acquisition in close combat conditions. It is also known as a CCO wich is short for close combat optics. It has 18 settings for brightness and a honeycomb filter designed to prevent lasers from blinding the user and eliminate glare. If a 5 year old girl has one on her airsoft rifle I’ll eat cock.


    But it still wouldn’t shock me that they made kiddie painted rifles, even if what you said is true. This world is like Soviet Russia, they taught their children (About this age) how to make AK-47s. My mail order bride step mom knows how to make an AK-47.


    I’m not saying it’s impossible, while in afganistan I saw some of the most rediculously painted AK’s, and I’m willing to belive a loving father would give his daughter exactly the rifle she wanted, but as mentioned earlier this particular rifle is missing a vital part, the charging handle. I have seen versions with the handle bolted directly to the bolt, but even those models had the hole in the upper receiver for the T shaped handle that the military and most civilian variants use. Also there appears to be something odd about the magazine, like a button or something… Read more »


    Mebe its just an air rifle, and the magazine is just a pellet container? It does look primarily made out of plastic.


    That’s is precisely what I’ve been saying faggot.


    I thought you ment it was a photoshopped rifle, it was real but just had that fucked up pattern on it, and a few parts taken off to make it look cute. My bad.


    A blind man who had his nerve endings burned away with thermite could tell that that is an airsoft rifle. And I use the term loosly, as I’ve never even heard of a rifled airsoft weapon.


    Sure, the short mag and the gaudy colours point to airsoft, but then why is she wearing ear defenders …

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