Cliff Housing


You think anyone lives in those?

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    Well if they live there… They won’t for long cause i’m on my way to buy a pickaxe right now! 8D


    I believe that I see people on the second ground-level porch from the right…

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Anthony is right.

    And why wouldn’t anyone live in them?

    Marked Hoosier

    Talk about a hell of a view…


    That cliff looks reasonably steady… nice view with a little risk, I just feel bad for the Great Great Grandchildren who inherit a pile of rubble.


    does any one else see teh giant face of sum guy on the second house from the left which is


    does any one else see the face of some guy on the second house from the left wich is that way


    whers is my fucking arrows to teh directoin lefts


    Colin, do you mean the third house from the right? In that case I see him aswell… Maybe it’s a ghost and he/she is coming to get you! D=



    OH NOES! I MUST MAKES MAH GETSAWAY! but yea i probably did mean the third house from the rite


    Ah, we have houses like that here too, and it’s actually kinda an in-demand area. We have this one area bordering the ocean that’s slipping just a bit every single day, so much so that they have to keep repaving the road that goes by there. Yet people continue to snap up any available houses to live there within the 5-10 year frame before the house topples into the ocean. Why would you want to live in a slanted house? People are crazy.


    yeah i live “here”, too, everyone knows where “here” is now dont they


    I see what you’re talking about colin, on like the 2nd house from the left.


    i see the face. i would make myself jump everyday.


    It’s Bonifacio, in Corse.

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