Darth Vader Went Down To Georgia


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    Twisted Minstrel

    I’d fuck it.


    darth vader went down to georgia, he was lookin for the dark side, he was doin fine, but he was way behind in his apprentacin stuff indeed, and then a little kid named luke he was likewise but for good the he said vader if im understood, you want to play a fiddle with someone, well let me tell u this u son of a gun, im the best jedi there ever was (chorus): hut looks like doggy dochewie on the mountain run han run, vaders in the house of the laser gun leia in falcon talkin to r-2 jabba… Read more »


    i need to know if this is funny cuz it took me like 5 minutes to do, and i see i messed up on the second chorus, i copied and pasted(dont tell)


    it’s humorous.

    The Franchise

    It’s not funny Colin.


    First! Lyrics… Awsome, “vader in the house of the laser gun” genius! But dude, you “NEED” to know if it was funny because it took you five minutes of your life? WFT, man… What’s wrong with you if you think that you wasted your life writing cool lyrics 😛


    well which one is better me making you laugh or me look at porno


    I… I don’t want to know how you connect porno and darth vader with a violin… so… eh.. Look a threeheadedmonkey!!


    well i makes me a first now i dont I’s (correct the shit outta me)


    The weed remix is pretty good.