Robot Love


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    thats from the bjork video from the 90s

    Pete M

    That’s from Björk’s “All is full of love”, one of the songs I rather treasure.

    Some link:

    Not a Robot, Really

    Why am I strongly reminded of I, Robot?
    Oh wait.

    Some Guy

    Wasn’t the song on the Johnny Neumonic soundtrack and hence the futuristic video?


    the Bjork video creators, along with Bjork, are suing the thieving f*cks that made that I Robot POS. I hope they send the Fresh Prince back to Philadelphia.

    El Chupacabra

    So, Robot love involves sticking things in your butt and the top of your skull?

    I’ll stick with people love, thanks.


    Sometimes, people love requires the same…

    That said, mmmmmm, hot lesbot love.

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