U Is For United Nations

The United Nations is a very bad organization made up of foreign countries who do not want you to be free.  The united nations does like your Bill of Rights, and they are trying to destroy freedom in America.  Brasco Buddies are smart and they don’t believe the lies of the United Nations.  If you believe the things the United Nations tell you, you will never know of the fun of a gun

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    I thought this was fake. Apparently not:


    Where the hell is that one from? You can’t tell me this is supposed to be proper education!!!

    Howie Feltersnatch

    My god, I googled “brasco buddies” and found the same link nick did. Sweet zombie jesus, that’s scary. You can keep your muslim terrorist evildoers–these are the kinds of people that keep me up at night, scared out of my wits. Fuck.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    According to that link the pitch they’re swinging is it was made up by an 11 year old (patriot) boy who is scared because the government is abusing the rights his dad enjoyed while growing up in the desert? So he made up a bear who hates the UN and anyone who tries to impose gun control? mmmmmmmmmmmm

    This post is tweaking my brain like an engorged nipple.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    I came across this while searching Brasco Buddies.

    This is a glorious day.



    Hmmmm… You never have enough paranoia in your life, I guess.

    Suck it

    Stephen Colbert should be all over this with the amount of bears involved.


    They destroyed the Leaugue of Nations when it became inconvenient. They’ll do the same with the UN when the time comes. And don’t beleive all the revisionist history about the LoN, it was a good thing than ran headstraight into the greed of Nations and Corporations, and capitulated. Cheers.


    Oh and just Notice what group this is…
    Did you know that the second biggest exporter of weaponary in the world is Israel ?
    Yeah, I was surprised too when I found out.
    Sell sell sell and damn the consequences, and let’s throw in marketing hysteria to make sure they buy two of each… We suck as a Race…


    So you people are hoplophobes? I’d be more afraid of what governmental entities would do to an unarmed populace (do your homework – what communist, fascist or other dictatorships disarmed their citizens BEFORE they started killing them? answer: ALL of them)The 2nd amendment is there for a reason, just like the rest of the Constitution – just because you don’t see it as important doesn’t mean it isn’t, in fact, it is the only one that GUARANTEES the other constitutional rights.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson


    Explain Canada to me then a-hole.

    Or England.

    Or any other first world nation with fire arm restrictions.

    FYI – you don’t live in a political dictatorship no matter how many people make snide comments out the sides of their mouths to that effect.

    Not only have you missed the absurdity of the humour in this post, you’ve made an entirely new joke out of yourself.

    Do your homework? Dude, wear a helmet. Everywhere. From now on. You’re supertarded.

    Some Guy

    Without guns you might be forced to quarter to kings troops.


    ‘hoplophobe’? Someone’s been doing his talking-point homework. Chris, an argument in favour of moderated firearm ownership is not evidence of mental illness.


    Chris, I think the only ones assuming hoplophobism among the opposer of firearms, are the fanatics themselves who fail to see the real arguments presented. I very much doubt that anyone needs to believe that “guns have a spirit of their own” in order to be afraid of a generic drunkard that gets trigger happy with a semiautomatic. Fact is that people are stupid, especially when they are drunk – and as such it is plain stupidity to allow them to carry around firearms on their person for no other reason than that they want to have a gun. But… Read more »


    “..I came across this while searching Brasco Buddies.

    This is a glorious day.


    I love how all the shirts are sold out…


    mAgNUS Buttfoorson apparently you already have a “helmet” where your brain is – yes, do your homework, “how about Canada and England” and see what happens when people have the right to self-defense stripped away by their government -you’re the only close-minded *ucktard I see here


    ‘hoplophobe’? Someone’s been doing his talking-point homework. Chris, an argument in favour of moderated firearm ownership is not evidence of mental illness. HarDeHarDe – you miss the point – Gun ownership is a Constitutional RIGHT, just like the right to free speach, to practice religion, and all the others – it’s a package deal, you can’t just pick and choose the one’s that YOU like, and expect everyone else to agree. “Moderated” gun ownership? With over 15,000 federal firearms laws on the books, how much more “moderation” do you need? Firearms ownership, just like freedom, has it’s responsibilities, however, I’m… Read more »

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Hey Chris, FYI these things here: ” are quotations. That means you quote not erratically paraphrase. Additionally you have no determinable point. All you did was make a lame fucking jab. Well Mary, you swing like a bitch. Make some fucking sense assass. You have the constitutional right to shut the fuck up. Please do us all a favour and take one of your precious guns and blow your snaggle toothed head off your neck. Your big flaming red neck. Your justification for having guns everywhere us England’s crime rate? That’s a grand sociological epidemic more related to the surge… Read more »


    Oh the hate, the jealousy and the stabbing. Gotta love the interwubz.



    I live in London and walk to work for an hour each day through what is known as ‘The Murder Mile’. I’ve never been assaulted, seen a gun or known anyone who has been shot.

    We seem to be doing fine over here without guns. Last time I checked our crime rates were still falling too.


    mAgNUS Buttfuckson – no good or bad? What freakin’ planet are you living on?
    Typical of your kind, you have no original thought capability, so you resort to name calling – nyah nyahnya nyah nyah- what a loser


    hey mAgNUS Buttfoorson, too bad you weren’t at Virginia Tech today, you pommy faggot.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    How does that work Christine? You’re telling me I’m wrong because I think owning guns is for limp dicks faggots who are more apt to giving hand jobs than throwing a decent punch and some limp dick faggot fuck gunned down a bunch of people… at what point do you make sense little girl? You’re the one without a point. You’re such a retard you don’t even see how you just nutted all over your own shadow of a point. You just backed me up. Not that I needed it. So again, shut your fucking face uncle fucker. And get… Read more »

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    btw: there is no good vs bad in terms of human beings you stupid prick. It’s not that clear cut. How fucking dumb are you? You don’t get that?

    Honestly…what’s Chris’s IQ? 30…31 maybe? Can you even wipe your own ass? Do you even know what wiping ass is? Are you brain dead and typing this using the 4 brain cells you have left working and your pinky toe from a hospital bed?

    English Gal

    Ensuing conversation…Much funnier!!
    Well done you crazy yanks
    Much Love


    Just so you all know, in states which implement concealed Carry laws, violent crime rates go WAY down.

    They do Background checks, they make sure you aren’t some drunkard with no self control before you get that license.

    and Remember, If some guy is planning to shoot you, he probably doesn’t care if he gets 5 more years on top of his 40 for having an illegal gun. Firearm laws only effect those who follow the laws.