Jesus Loves You!


Unless you are :
A Free Thinker
Capable Of Logical Reason

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    This couldn’t be more wrong…

    Evil Don

    I don’t get it. And should it not say: “Capable Of Logical Reason[ing]”?


    Everyone loves you unless you are:
    A rapist
    A murderer
    A Republican
    A Christian


    that’s right argonplatypus. because everyone knows that christians are the oppressed minority. oh wait…STFU


    oh you’re right, Christians don’t deserve rights or opinions. good point.




    Jesus was very clear about showing love to all and accepting of anyone that would accpet him. It was the sin he condemned.

    Whoever created that pic clearly doesn’t understand Jesus or Christianity.


    “oh you’re right, Christians don’t deserve rights or opinions. good point.”

    Look, I, like most people, am fine with the Christians having A voice, but I don’t think that they should have THE voice.


    I have never read a more logical book than the Bible. And Jesus does love everyone, he doesn’t, however, love their sin.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Jesus looks like he’s wearing eye shadow. No wonder he hates gays, he has repressed homersexual feelings that he expresses when others have braved the waters of social acceptability. Jesus is such a follower.

    Emo is to Goth as Jesus is to Satan.


    I can’t believe people are reacting to this picture while *completely* overlooking the sarcasm. For everyone who thinks that this image is bashing Christianity: You’re only part right.

    This image, along with scores of others, are poking fun at the undeniable hypocrisy of those closed-minded, holier-than-thou, evangelistic, “America is God’s Country” Christians who have wrested the public face of Christianity from the “silent majority” of level-headed, accepting of other world-views, Christians who are so ready to jump to their religion’s defense when anyone mocks the actions and behavior of every “CHRAHST WARRIAH!” that makes the news.

    And look, Clerk25 and argonplatypus have already gone and proved my point for me.


    “I have never read a more logical book than the Bible.”

    So has the rest of your reading consisted entirely of Gertrude Stein, Ann Coulter, and the beat poets, or have you just never actually read anything else?


    jesus was totally hardcore emo.


    Jesus was also very clear on how you should treat and keep your slaves, what a guy!


    all funny and true….now lets do some Muhammad bashing…want to? come on…what, are you chicken? fair is fair, right?

    Evil Don

    That’s right Korinthian! I would be very unkind to my slaves were it not for those words of advice from Jesus. Though, I am still working on calling my slaves “friends”…..

    Some Guy

    Listing Gertrude Stein and Anne Coulter together is ironically funny considering despite Stein being a stout conservative she was a devout lesbian.

    Also Tiki, why not create a section called fly-paper for these postings. They seem to catch the same arguments every time.


    “I have never read a more logical book than the Bible.”

    Thalt shall not kill/Thou shall not suffer a witch to live?

    Where exactly does it say that Jesus loves everyone?


    Denmarkian gets the award for most logical post, Magnus for most angry and dumb.


    Left out right-wing Republican karioke singer.

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