Needs More Cameras


Oh, those crazy photographers.  Are those highspeed cameras there on the ground?  They look hyper-specialized.

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    They kind of look like Canon’s EOS1(D/Ds) or similar.


    Most likley. Could also be some Nikon DX models in there. But that isn’t a real “Super-Camera”, look up Hasselblad or Roliflex… Now there are your real übercams, the standard digital hasselblad goes for somewhere around 50-70 000 Euros.


    Those are Canon 1D2s, no one will use a hasselblad for sports photography, they’re only goot for fashion shoots. The 1D2 is the fastest digital SLR in the world at 8.7 frames per second, and the upcoming 1D3 at 10fps.


    I never said that you should use a hasselblad for sports? And hasselblad is a brand which many fashion photographers use yes. But even more by commercial photographers.

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