Krispy Kreme Nightly News



Apparently someone was a little too quick on their google images search for the nightly news.  (these pictures have been floating around everwhere, so I have no idea where they first came from, anyone?)

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    joe moma

    Dont know where they came from, but I can betcha that they aint that good!


    You’ve obviously never had a Krispy Kreme..


    damn, that’s hilarious.

    Jebediah Humpjeans

    It was NBC affiliate WGAT in Augusta, GA.


    I’m pretty sure it’s a skit from chris rock. its definitely a skit from a stand up comedian. How he’s not gonna be surprised when he finds out krispy kreme has crack in them. How people are bangin on the window at 3 am saying gimme that kreme! and they’re new slogan will be “so good you’ll suck a dick”


    Now THIS is journalism.

  • Here's a few awesome images!