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Dr. Sanchez

Who wins? Assuming M.A.D, Humanity.

raptor jesus

That’s my ex boyfriend and his roomate. You fucking stole this from me!!!


Regardless of who wins, dignity is the loser.


raptor jesus: But didn’t you create the universe? So isn’t it all yours?

Oh wait, you just went extinct for our sins. kk, nvrmnd.


Well, Stormtrooper is the bad guy, so he wins, assuming he goes for the low-blow. Now if it was Starfleet cadet v. Rebel trooper, that’d be a different story. Or even Stormtrooper v. Cardassian.


Well, the stormtrooper is gonna win. He’s got a fucking helmet on, they should use NHL rules.


star trek is gay storm troopers r gay, hockey is gay as well, im gonna win because im gonna come in there and run their asses over


What are you gonna run them over with colin? It sounds like you’re some dumbass redneck so all your cars are in your yard.


Collin, you won’t be saying homophobic remarks once I beat the ungodly hell out of your redneck ass with my hockey stick. =X


well if u do so much as touch me with a hockey stick, i will shoot you in the face, and then piss alover u ur family and ur pets, then onto mr psychic, u sir, do not know where i live, do not know the type of lifestyle i live, and it sounds like ur some stupid ass son of a bitch that just got his dick out of his dads asshole so he can go jack off to phyic ppl porn or some stupid ass shit like that, but as you can see, and im not a homophobe,… Read more »

Evil Don

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

I sense much fear in you.


Is that Trekkie a helmsman? If not – he’ll survive for sure!

random man

Star trek would win coz storm troopers are thick. ha.


uh, stormtrooper is just going to pull his gun out… yeah… powned.