Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead.




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    That poor girl has been pushed to her limits, granted, she has always had issues, but…..
    The media once again has pushed a “celebrity” over the edge. When are “we” going to know the difference between – news – and personality molestation. The sad thing is the newborn child that will now be raised without a mother. I’m sorry for you, Anna nicole


    The passing of America’s greatest sight gag. If it were not for an overrated playboy pictorial, she would have just been a drugged out, no name stripper. She would have pushed herself over the edge. Its always sad when a life is lost, but this isn’t the media’s fault. This is her own abuse of drugs and alcohol combined with a complete inability to take care of herself. The child will be raised without its birth mother, but in the case of ANS, is that really a bad thing? And yes. I am an asshole.


    Geez cut her some slack. I’m not her biggest fan but I really doubt she died from recreational binging. It looks more like she died as a result of drugs and stress from the loss of the only stable thing in her life, her son.

    It’s always important to remember that no matter who or where you are in life you can lose it all in an instant.


    You guys are gaymos.

    There’s a lot of money up in the air right now. Remember her old ass husband who died and she didn’t get any of the hundreds of millions? Yeah the guys son got it all. Well he died not too long ago and next in line was Miss Smith. Those millions have also grown since the original old fart died. Did I mention Anna Nicole Smith thought her ex husbands son killed his own dad and that someone was after her?

    This woman represented everything wrong with how women are perceived and how some act in western culture.

    Don’t cut her any slack.

    That kid is better off without her.


    Your and idiot who obviously knows nothing about the case. The entire case was not that she was next in line. It was about whether she was even entitled to it in the first place (above even the son). Everyone looks bad in those types of cases.

    I am not saying she was a good person in the least. Just that it wasn’t her stupidity that lead to her death as much as the stress of losing a child.

    I guess my question to you is what justifies your existence any more than hers? Especially without knowing how she was to her children outside the limelight?

    Actually I guess my real question is what the hell is a “gaymos”? If it’s a cross between gay and homo then all I can say is wow, what a waste of space.


    It’s called slang, asshat.

    You aren’t actually a literal butt that people wear on their heads. But you are definitely an asshat and a gaymo.

    This bitch was a putrid pustule. The case now is about if she gets the money you stupid fuck. Cause the son is dead. Now her daughter will get the cash, hence all the people claiming they’re the real father.

    What justifies my existence above hers? Well I’m not a brain dead gold digging whore for one.

    This time last week everyone hated the bitch. Now cause she’s dead I’m supposed to forgive her for being a literal representation of everything I deplore in women? I bet the autopsy reveals her brain was actually the size of a peanut.

    And no I don’t know how she was to her drug addicted son who she seemed to forget about pretty quick since she was seen on vacation and getting married like a week after the poor bugger bit the dust. Mom of the year right there huh gaymo asshat?

    Could you change your handle to that? Gaymo Asshat. It fits. It fits your gaymo head like a custom tailored asshat.

    Btw it’s YOU’RE as in YOU ARE. It’s called a conjunction you retard. When your GED prep course gets to grade 9 English skills you’ll learn all about them.

    My anus. Lick it. Thanks.


    Jon, it’s hard to blame the media when she had her own reality tv show.


    I know you’re.


    It’s sad when this lady got more press coverage on her funeral than the Pope or ANY ex-president. (sadness)

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