Jesus Christ: First Pin Up Model


Oh no I didn’t.

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    Oh yes you did.


    I think you’re my hero.


    Haha, awesome. I’d like to take this time to point out that the most prominent symbol of Christianity, the “religion of peace,” happens to be the cross, an extremely gruesome and inhumane form of execution. While most folks remember one particular crucifixion (see above), it was in extremely widespread use at that period of time in India and the Roman Empire. And take note: While the Crucifix (notice the capitol “C”, meaning Jesus + cross) is an often used symbol of Christianity, the cross itself, sans Jesus, is far more common. >_> Also, I’d like to point out that if… Read more »


    I think your first paragrapj explains why it is a cross. It wasn’t picked like someone pick! a logo at their office supply #tore for business cards. It rep esents the death and return of ohe guy whos name is the root wo2d of the religion.


    there’s also a numerological root to it. 4 (represented by a horizontal line) suggests things “of the earth”–four corners of the globe, four horsement of the apocalypes, etc–while 3 (often represented by a vertical line) suggests things “of heaven” or the intervention of heaven on earth, such as the Holy Trinity. Put them together and you have a cross, plus you get 4 (earthly)+3 (divine)=7, often the number of perfection.

    I learned it in Catholic school, okay?


    I thought crucify came from the Latin word for ‘put on a cross’ or something along those lines, not “cross+christ”. I’m pretty sure because the Portuguese word is ‘crucificar’ which means, more or less ‘become (ficar) on a cross (cruz)’.


    Caio: I should probably clarify that by saying that Crucifix means cross + Christ, I don’t mean that that’s the definition of the word. What I meant was that when someone refers to a “Crucifix”, they mean Christ on a cross, but if they say “cross”, assuming it’s in the familiar context, they simply mean the tool of execution. peejie: Keep in mind that the numerological connotations came AFTER the actual event. The only reason that Jesus was executed by means of crucifixion was that it was the typical means of that region at that time period. As I referenced… Read more »


    “…when someone refers to a “Crucifix”, they mean Christ on a cross…”

    What would the term be fore “Christ on a Stick”?

    explicit content

    stylin&profilin out on da catwalk, oh yeah the catwalk


    “Also, I’d like to point out that if Jesus had died 12,000 years ago, little Catholic schoolgirls would be wearing tiny clubs around there necks. 200 years ago, a guillotine; 120 years ago, a noose; 20 years ago, an electric chair; and my personal favorite: if it were 2 years ago, a tiny syringe.”

    Fucking brilliant. Most people (including myself) never come to this realization.


    I don’t think you can nail someone up by their hands, anyway… their weight would cause the nail to tear up past their fingers, and they’d fall.

    Though I guess if he’s the son of God, then he’s probably got super magic non-tearing hands.

    Crucifying people generally involved tying them to a cross, not nailing. I have the sneaking suspicion that someone added the “nailing” part to the story later on to make it even more gruesome, and therefore an even bigger sacrifice on Jebus’ part.