Stewart / Cobert Presidential Ticket

Ok, you’re options are:





Which would you pick, and why?

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    Stewart Colbert flows better than Colbert Stewart. Jon Stewart probably has a little more knowledge than Steven Colbert.


    Definitely Steward Colbert. You need the more believably serious guy to be your front man, with the jokester to pop in and give the bad news.

    I would vote for them either way, that’s for damn sure. Yeah, they may be clowns, but, well…. That’s pretty much the status quo anyway.


    Stewart, not Steward. Damn fucking hell it’s early… 9:41 does not agree with me….

    Dr. Sanchez

    Stewart – Colbert,

    Jon’s got the know how and wisdom
    Steve’s got the edge that he too could shoot an elderly man in the face.

    Steve Carrell as Sec. of Defense?


    Stewart – Colbert definitely. Stewart is a bright guy, certainly wouldnt be worse than our current president.


    Colbert-Stewart for me. Colbert is wittier by far, and a lot quicker; I say he could out-know-how Stewart 2 falls outta 3.


    Dr. Sanchez FTW!!

    J.D. Bryant

    It’s Stewart-Colbert, no doubt. If it’s going to be a bipartisan ticket the conservative goes in the VP slot.


    Colbert – Stewart

    After seeing Colbert’s routine he did “in honor of” Bush, right next to the guy and surrounded by his supporters, than man has BALLS OF STEEL.


    Either way they’d be an awesome duo, I think their hearts are in the right place and they have enough gravity to suck in the right voters…

    though they’d both be shot on day 1… they’d probly blame it on some crazy christian who thought Stewart was the anti-christ or something.

    Damn they’d kick ass though… everyone should just vote for them anyway.


    Neither. Neither of these men want that job and I wouldn’t dare damn them to it.

    Malcolm U.K.

    So… is this the start of the US shutdown for the next 22 months just to prepare for an election for which only 20% of the population will vote??? Never forget, folks. Every country gets the food, service and governance it deserves. Frightening, hey? You get burgers, “Have a nice day” & Bush. We get fish & chips, “Cheers” & Blair.


    Actually, the 2004 turnout was over 60%… So you’re off by about 40% there Malcolm.

    But I will agree, all this election shit starts WAY too early. Not that it’s a “shutdown.” The only people who care are the politicians. I think most normal people just ignore it until a week before hand, figure out who they want and then vote.