Erick Charles Nielson Stand Up

What says you MCS? He was/is one of the advertisers on MCS, I got paid 2 cents!

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    There is basically zero information on this guy that I can find on the internet– except for a recent contest in LA to imitate him…

    Who is this guy?

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I lost 42 second of my life (that’s all I could stand) watching this. Ugh. Hope he keeps his day job.


    He’s actually got some good material, if you can tune down the screeching. He’s got a good joke about Noah’s Ark (any plan of God’s to punish the wicked but lets pirates [with their boats] survive isn’t a good plan). He was featured on my buddy Mike’s group “Intergalactic Defenders of Comedy” at the Improv in LA last month; the IDoC gives lifetime acheivement awards to people like Stan Lee and Marc Singer, who show up and give funny acceptance speeches.

    Oh, and the real way to spell his name is Erik Charles Nielson.


    I just watched this again… he’s a dweeb, but he’ got his thing and it works for him. Still made me laugh.