Live In Russia!


Live in Russia

Instead of playing post-apocalyptic RPG’s

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    Dude, can you remove the gay-ass watermarks?


    Sounds actually interesting, from way over here in the US. Doubt it is as fun on the ground there.


    Is iddqd perhaps referring to the direct image hot-linking watermark? I think anyone who is not brain dead could figure out the answer to that one.

    For our zombie viewers, I would suspect the answer is “no”.

    tiki god

    About the watermark: Congratulations, I’ve added your question to the FAQ Short answer: There are no watermarks on this website. If you’re seeing them, then you’re an idiot that doesn’t know how to use F5.




    Actually, one of the most serious ecological damage in Russia came from the fallen auxiliary rockets they used with the Vostoks. It seems the fuel the commies used was outright toxic and some forests will be tainted for years.


    iddqd – save the image, and then upload to another hosting site.

    tiki god – it’s actually F11 on my keyboard…


    I was going to post this, but I see it’s already posted. To repost or not to repost. That is the QUESTION!

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