Black Kid’s Computer Desk


Looks like they’ve already changed the page 🙁

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    It’s funny because I work there.


    Wow. That could’ve turned ugly really fast if they hadn’t already changed it.

    Also – I used to own one of those. But I got it for, like, $20-30. And I thought that was quite over priced. I don’t know why they’re trying to sell it for $80


    You can’t tell from the angle but that actually has rims on it.


    magnusbutfoorson – spinners?


    CLEARLY a photoshop.

    tiki god

    Aaron you’re obviously new to the world, welcome! Sadly, this was not a photoshop. You’re just an idiot.


    You know, there’s a big difference between “black kid’s computer desk” and “black-kid’s computer desk”.


    Ummm….. No.

    You don’t ever hyphenate the descriptor.

    “Hey, look at that dumb-kid!”
    “That white-kid can’t jump!”
    “That asian-kid just kicked me in the nutsack!”

    From that sentence there is no way to tell if the world black describes the kid or the desk.

    So oompa loompa doopity dirk
    STFU and GBTW.


    Ummm… No.

    “STFU” brizzo

    Sure you don’t hyphenate the descriptor. It just illustrates to the retards that it really is just a very funny mistake.


    Sadly, brizzo and jizzyjesus, in that case you really COULD hyphenate them.

    RIPPED from the Interwebs:
    Texas Law Review Manual of Style says about using the hyphen to create a compound word: “When two or more words are combined to form a modifier immediately preceding a noun, join the words by hyphens if doing so will significantly aid the reader in recognizing the compound adjective”.


    dont kill eachother


    The price has gone up another ten dollars, are black kids really that attracted to these desks?

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