Nestle Crunch With Caramel Advertisement


What says you internets? I go with the first pronunciation. THAT’s the correct way to say it!

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    You mean Ness-tles or Nest-lay?

    Its French Swedish, so I go with Nest-lay (a very quick phonetic and probably not quite accurate typing thing).

    Jonathan Nolan

    Don’t vote either way. Nestle are arms manufacturers and slave owners. Fight the power and diss the uncle toms.


    It is caramel. I still pronounce it carmel because that’s how I grew up pronouncing it. I’m much too lazy for that extra syllable


    I’ve found an unusual mix of the two: care-mel. It pronounces the center vowel but doesn’t create a new syllable for it. Give it a try! It’s got something for everyone!


    Shit, I don’t think about fatty American food much, so I think all this time I just kind of assumed they were two different things.


    I didn’t know caramel was an American creation; in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not


    Say caramel, or Shaq will break you!


    Actually, carmel and caramel are two distinctly different things. Carmel is the hard substance (carmelized sugar) and caramel is the gooey stuff (caramel filling)

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