Masturbation At University of Michigan


Apparently, this is a big problem in the world?  Personally I think these notices are hoaxes, cause doesn’t semen just wash away?  Unless you’re dumping buckets of the stuff down the drain I don’t see it affecting the pipes in any way.

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    Outright prank. OK, this enters in the TMI region but the ammount of protein in semen would require more than two decades and several “donors” to clog a pipe of standard size (let´s say 5cm wide). Not to mention that most proteins in the biological material are more or less hidrosoluble and it should left to dry for some time.


    Hair is going to be far more problematic than semen…


    Yes, but one would imagine that semen sticks in the hair, providing a better clog.

    Though I doubt the school administration actually post this, I wouldn’t go so far to call it a prank. More of just a group of people trying to get the point of “hey, other people use these facilities too, you know!” across. Prank implies some level of malicious intent.


    And this is why, during my time living in a dorm, I never took a shower without flip-flops.


    Actually, it just might be true. Not semen alone – but with the hair, they have the tendency to stick together so that the semen will harden as it sticks to the lump of hair(s). Yum.

    Try masturbating in a shower constantly and don’t remove the hair that gets clogged into the plug. See what happens in a public shower space that is used by several males…

    load collector

    can my mouth be the drain. slurp


    Yeah, I’ll try that.


    natakamus– thanks for the laugh!


    There’s a letter floating around on Stonybrook University letterhead about this same issue. My friend Jessica goes to school there, and actually has the letter. Apparently, it’s a huge problem everywhere that horny guys aren’t getting laid in large quantities and share bathing facilities.


    Yeah I’ve busted nuts in the tub before, and the hair that was there…well let’s just say it wasn’t fun cleaning up. I’ll be sure to take a pic next time 😉