Rain Gutters & Spouts & Drains & Funnels


Awesome set up.

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    Reminds me of the old board game, Mouse Trap.


    I wonder what would inspire someone to do this…

    and you gotta wonder, unless it is raining hard enough, some of that must be kinda ornamental. Like the swirl in the middle — unless it somehow drains into the funnel below it, do you think there would be enough force to push the rainwater around the loop and out the funnel into the other.


    Probably not alot goes in that loop. Right before it there is a cross section and the pipe feeding the loop would probably drop down before it went across.


    besides, any flow that would go in there would not have to be moving fast at all, it would just fill the loop and then move out as fast as it flowed in, just like the p-trap under your sink. and toilet. and bathtub.


    who cares. It looks cool.


    I just don’t seem to be 100% convinvced that is a real setup, easily done on the PC. But still a neat idea.


    Photoshop is amazing.


    That is just cool…who says you can’t be creative with your drainage system?


    Hiya all. I know where this is. I assure you it isn’t shopped; I stood before that very house two months ago. It is in Dresden, Germany, in the Neustadt precinct – a very artsy, hip quarter – inside a block of apartment houses only acessible on foot. You want proof? Give me an email address and I will send two more pics that I took myself.


    I have also been there. I was in Germany several years ago and a friend that I met while I was there took me to see it. I think I have a few pics of it. There is actually two more sections on either side of this with much more.


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  • Here's a few awesome images!