Cockroach Wallpaper


So I was sitting on the toilet this morning, and I swear to god, a roach the size of the one above came crawling out of the tub drain.  I had to throw an entire Sam’s Club sized shampoo bottle at it, and it only dazed him.  Luckily, my actions bought me enough time to get my shotgun from the hall closet.  He was just coming around when I was able to blow his head off.  Sadly, his body was too heavy to lift, so it’s still sitting in the tub.  Ugh, I dread having to explain to my landlord why his tub is peppered with buckshot, and there’s a 50 pound dead roach sitting there 🙁

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    john dorian

    seriously, what is it with cockroaches and bathrooms? i’ve found three of them so far…

    Marked Hoosier

    So you live in New York huh?

    john dorian

    Nah, the opposite, Texas.

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