You Can Click, But You Can’t Hide


I’m desperately looking for the parody of this that says “You can sue, but you can’t stop everyone” or something to that effect….google images is failing me right now 🙁

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    Magnus Butfookson

    I whipped this up pretty quick.

    Not sure if you have image posting turned on in this mutha or not.


    Wheres charging 10 dollars to see the movie, 5 dollars for popcorn, then another 20$ to later buy the dvd isnt stealing?


    If you mean “Where as charging, blah blah blah” It’s not. Because they are giving you a product/service in return. No one if forcing you to buy the $5 popcorn, or go to the movie. Or even buy the dvd, just rent it for $5. Problem solved. I will require %50 of total savings as a fee for this lesson. So whenever you watch a movie you rented but didn’t go to the theater to see, please send me a cheque for $15 + your local tax. Thank you.


    Or I can just download it free. Problem solved. btw I rarely see movies in the theatre, I never eat popcorn, and I do rent movies rather than buy. But the whole reason for stealing is because prices are too high.

    Magnus Butfookson

    When media is transfered it’s in a state of being pure data/information. You can’t police the free exchange of information. Too slippery a slope. So the MPAA can fuck right off.


    From what I understand you’re saying anything thats “pure data/information” is free game. That’s retarded. By that logic I can legally copy and game and call it my own, read your private emails, Steal money from your pay pal, or even your bank account. It’s data so you can’t police it right?

    Magnus Butfookson

    Palpal runs through SSL and is encrypted. Emails require login. If I were making a direct transfer…say through an MSN conversation then yes you could read it and use whatever information was contained within. But I doubt you’re smart enough to crack a coconut let alone hack anything. So STFU little fella, the big people are talking. You can legally loan your game to your friends. That was established when studios sued over VCR’s back before you were conceived (that means when your mommy and daddy tied one on and humped). It’s your game and if you’re able to copy… Read more »


    Nice PS Magnus!


    I think you mean PMS


    Magnus had some good things too say. Too bad he was a dick about it.


    so illegally downloading a movie ‘stifles creativity’?

    How can a lame, corporate group of pirates who stand on the shoulders of the people who actually do the creating gripe about stifling creativity?


    The film “Casablanca” was made more than 70 years ago, everyone involved in making the film has died.

    So how will downloading it rob “hardworking people of their livelihood” when they’re all dead?