Federal Bureau Of Investigation WMD Operations Unit


Is this a real patch for a real governmental agency?

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    I bet it is, it looks pretty cool too. I thought military just had patches, but I guess other agencies have them too.


    That unit does exist, and you can buy that patch on eBay. Not sure that is actually a real patch used by the FBI, though.


    It may be, or it may be an unnoficial patch. Some units will have both a real patch, and a less politically correct patch. But this one doesn’t really seem all that bad, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were the official patch.


    Yeah, brizzo, I think just about every click, to big time “crew” like the FBI has more then one patch, most likely they had several beta patches, perhaps even produced and used millions of them, but decided it was not good for the FBI. I can sort of relate because my grandmother is in some club and some guy was talking about altering the patch to wear it, I forget, but I think it was something along the lines of removing a star or something.