Big Glass Bong

Haven’t seen weed in years.  How crazy is that?

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    Sorry to hear about your plight. Looks like some good herb, too.


    thats a bubbler not a bong, but it is a very nice bubbler and it looks like some pretty good herb too

    tiki god

    wow, so how does a bubbler work? I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure


    I didn’t even notice that it was a bubbler. Good eye Anonymous. I think I must’ve been to busy looking at the herb. That or, well nevermind.
    A bubbler is pretty much the same as a bong only without a carb. It’s basically a combo bong/pipe.


    ….or…so I’m told.


    actually its more of a pipe then a bong. and it does have a carb on the other side…its not that big either juding it by the size of the lighter. no point in smoking out of a tiny bubbler….


    A bubbler moves the smoke through water, which cleans the bad shit out (Bad as in stuff that lessens the high or makes you choke etc) and its much cleaner. I think thats how it works anyways.

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