PC Vs Mac: Choose Your Lifestyle


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    1. xcvzhgjgklll says:

      i’d rather have 1 tool that gets the job done then 1000 tools that create confusion and chaos, AND END UP STABBING YOU IN THE HAND

    2. wha? says:

      If you mean that everytime you try to pick up Windows you stab your hand and that using any Apple product is deceivingly simple then right on brother.

    3. P. J. says:

      Do I really need two bottle openers and three nail files, and all that confusion trying to find the right one. This image gets to what makes Macs so awesome: Ease of use.

    4. maxcw says:

      go green! you never know when you might want to corkscrew someones eye out 😉

    5. brizzo says:

      Actually, you have 1 tool that’s completely useless… and 1000 tools that create confusion and chaos and end up stabbing you in the hand…

      Mac sucks
      Windows sucks
      Linux sucks
      Computers suck…. I love them to death and I practically live my life in front of them, but damnit all to hell they sure can suck…

      *opens up a command prompt*

      Ah……… bliss

    6. Fred Homly says:

      Note how the Mac ‘blade’ is dull. Looks more like a gnail file than a blade… a smoothed out, useless, plastic nail file.

      Sounds a lot like OS X!

    7. A_Pickle says:

      I like how the Mac people respond at an image that creatively sends a blunt message that Windows is better. I mean, aren’t creative people supposed to use Macs?

      You all whine about how the Mac is simpler, but Windows can be simple (if you want it to be) and it can be complicated and powerful. I prefer simple, and I prefer Windows.

      My name is Tom Spettigue, I’m an editor, 3D animator, artist, and Windows user. Have a nice day.

    8. george says:

      pc’s suck dudes. get a mac.

    9. RunningMan says:

      Wow… Very compelling argument george….
      You almost made me care less…

      I use PC’s cause I play games; if all I did was make movies all day… No I’d prolly still use the free Windows Movie Maker….

      Ok, if was editing pictures all day…. no wait, I’d use Microsoft digital image…
      I guess I like my right click.

    10. Miki01 says:

      RunningMan, Macs also have two-buttoned mice. They’re just sold separately. I hope you’d consider that before you make anymore stupid assumptions.

    11. Soylent.Hero says:

      So… Mac charges you more for an extra button? 😀

    12. Robin says:

      “Note how the Mac ‘blade’ is dull. Looks more like a gnail file than a blade… a smoothed out, useless, plastic nail file.

      Sounds a lot like OS X!”

      Sound very much like a guy that never used a mac. And btw, this is bullshit. I find everything that I missed from win AND MORE!!! to MAC.

    13. Ando says:

      I’d never buy a Mac because of the shitty ads.

    14. bill says:

      This is trying to say that windows is hard to use, slow and difficult to find things and mac’s spotlight takes literally seconds. Windows is for using and wasting your time trying to make stupidly rubbish things while also using software that was probably made in the first place on a mac- the professional, sexy, easy and creative computer and while almost all of the world has a pc-bill gatese’s copy of mac and ecuse for a lot of un-fairly earned fame and money, mac has had an amazing chance to improve its stuff even more than it already was. microsoft have bought us things like the xbox to sit at when your’e bored of using the pc when the sun is shining, and apple has blessed us with the ipod so you can go out in that sunshine while listening to music with friends to be socialable. So next time your pc crashes (unless you are great and already have a mac) do yourself a massive favour, take a walk around town with your ipod and get a mac.

    15. bill says:

      You see mac users would use their imagination on that blade – use it as a bottle opener, corkscrew, even nailfile if need be while everything is simple, but pc users have to have everything there for them with all it’s slow, clonky boringness.

    16. Jeff says:

      Wow, fanboys from both sides. People need to realize different OS’s can be used for different things! Why do people never feel good unless they’re forcing their OS of choice onto someone else

    17. colin says:

      you sir, are a dumbass, mac users arent sterotyped, nor are windows users, the fact of the matter is, that everyone wants their computer to be better than everyone elses, so therefore, if you are a mac user, you computer will kick the shit outta of a windows pc, but also it is visa versa, so you can see, people want to think their computer is better than everyone elses, but, everyones computer is only as good as their wallet permits it to be, but ohh wait, how are you going to put more ram into a mac, or any shit like that when the thing is just a keyboard and a screen, you would have to dismantle the whole damn thing, so if you think about it, if you pay 400 dollars for a dell laptop w/ expanded memory, you could buy two 2gig sticks of ram so you would have what class, 4 gigs right. that would be about 200 to 275 would it not, and a hard drive upgrade wouldnt be hard to do, nor would a grafics card so, when you think about it, although mac has a cool os(and i love my windows, it is easier to use than mac too in my opinon) they arent really worth the 1200 to 2400 dollars you waste on them

    18. colin says:

      oh yeah, and mac mouses look like bars of soap any way so yea………

    19. Caio says:

      Me, I use windows because it came with my used laptop, I don’t have a massive inferiority complex, and I’m kind of busy doing useful things with my life, not defining my entire person based on my brand-name choice.

    20. colin says:

      i agree but the thing is
      when you start giving a fuck about things when ur 13 years old like me and have nothing better to do then look at naughty things on the internets and this website god www.myconfinedspace.com
      then u wuld waste ur time too

    21. remi says:

      i think you are right! the mac is crap and it costs way to much whyle even if the pc has more stuff atleast its cheaper and it does more than just working! god damit why do people love macs!!! oh man i hate macs i cant even think good!!! the pc rules!!!!!

    22. Rawr says:

      pfft. thing isn’t even sharp

    23. xela says:

      I think it should be argumenting for Windows, because of the logo and the size of the Windows tool.
      But it says many things for both:
      Windows is (very) complicated and some things are unnecessary in some ways. But it also has a tool for every situation. If you’re good in using it, it will be the best for you.
      But OS X or whatever is meant, is easy and creative to use, but it also is limited/restricted.
      There are so many ways to see, and so many expressions. No reason to battle, because Windows and Mac are incommensurable. Both have their good and bad aspects, it depends on who is using it how for what.
      Let’s collect them by thinking outside the box and from the position of the others. This could be a very interesting discussion, if YOU want.

      A german Windows-User, who thinks that he’s right.

    24. MstrFool says:

      Macs are not crap. They are some of the best computers made, and were far ahead of the PC for quite a bit of their run. The problem, IMHO is that they are over priced, over controlled and overly simplified. But, this does give Apple the ability to ensure that all parts work correctly, by making it quite hard to get parts from any one but them. Many people make PC parts so they are cheaper, you can get what ever you want and make the system that /you/ want rather then what they want to sell you. But, you run the risk of incompatibility. It’s a trade off. Now MS is trying to follow Macs in locking down the system and over controlling/simplifying everything so that soon there will be little difference between the two systems, so far as use is concerned. If everything you wish to do is simple, then Mac is perfect for you. If what you wish to do is complicated, then you may need the more options of a PC with Windows. And if you wish to actually learn and do the real complicated things, then go with either system, rip out the closed OS, and load in the Linux flavor you favor.

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