Blow Me

This was actually an advert over at khumpty, but the link was dead dead dead, so who knows what glorious fruits would have been found.
Anyways, I have fond memories of blowing lungfulls of air into these damned cartridges. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I had to use the “jam it in there and pop it up and down a hundred times” method. If that didn’t work then I found another game to play…

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    Sometimes, when all else failed, you could wedge a folded piece of paper, like a business card, between the game and the console and it would solve the problem.


    The links not dead, man. Just my ad tracker won’t let me link to inidivual products. Here ya go though. Blow me Now go buy it, so I can get some money. 🙂

    tiki god

    whoa shit! it’s a t-shirt!

    nice stuff, they even have my size:

    FatLardAss 3XL

    tiki god

    BTW, I figured out why the link wasn’t working, it requires a javascript redirect after clicking on the link…so I got to a blank page, because, like most sane people, I don’t allow random code to be executed from the web…


    there is a better one at I own the shirt they have on that site. It is all grey with a better print on it. I actually got mine from a anime con though.