Jedi Tattoo

Found this on a random image search, and though it was pimp.


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    fuck you

    yeah pimp if you are a fuckin geek queer.

    tiki god

    I’m going to assume you don’t like geeks. which means you’re a goddamn hippocrite, wtf are you doing on a computer if you hate geeks?

    /sob  you bastard, you made me cry!


    I love it when an internet bad ass just rolls in and posts such comments as if anyone cared that’s their really the ones who are gay.

    Anyways, beyond the moron, Great Tat, would never get it myself, but pretty sweet.


    Y the imperial symbol in it?


    Old Republic seal. Empire is a modified version of it.

    I’m more concerned with how anyone’s gonna see it when all that hair grows back.