They Live : GWB Version


In reference to a movie by the name of “They Live”

From IMDB:

“The plot is quite simple, Nada(Roddy Piper) a homeless drifter stumbles upon a pair of sunglasses through which you can see the world for what it really is, a communist type environment controlled by aliens, and then joins up with his buddy Frank(Keith David) to stop them. In the middle of all this there a lot of great one liners, a lot of harebrained action and one of the longest, and best, fist fights ever filmed. “

Oh, and that “longest, best fist fights”? Not really best, but really long. Like 10 minutes long, which is a long damn time to watch two sweaty men beat on each other, working up a sweet sweat that drips off their…uhhh crap, I’ll brb…

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