Women Love Guns…

Anyone know russian?


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    Literally translates to: Do you still feel personal responsibility for the the realisation of the national project “formation”?

    Compensating, gives us:
    Do you still feel personally responsible for the completion of Project Formation?

    🙂 Knew learning Russian would come in handy!

    tiki god

    ok, so now we know what it says, but wtf does it mean?


    Maybe it’s a take on “Do you feel lucky punk?”. Or not.
    Anyone know what Project Formation is? Googling hasn’t helped me 🙁

    some guy

    It means: Do you still not feel personally responsible for the realisation of the national project “education”

    The Lawnmower

    Hey, what kind of gun is that? (I’m not a gun person, but that one looks cool.)


    the gun im pretty sure is a kalashnikov ak-75 but im not sure tho, all i kno that it looks pretty kick ass and stuff, specially the red scope


    all i know is that i would hit that until it hurts… if she kept the gun on of course…

    Russian chicks + Guns= =D!