Jewel Staite – HOT


Of the few (million) girls that I would love to meet, date, and eventually marry, she’s in the top 10. hundred. Golly she’s good looking.

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    Her name is “Staite”. No “r”. But she is hot.

    tiki god

    Good lord, how did I manage to mispell that. Ok, I’m going to correct that, thanks for the heads up!


    Very hot……must go….clean up…

    Alec Dalek

    Not just the hottest girl on Firefly, but all of Sci-Fi. Hey that rhymed.


    She even blows 7 of 9 out of the water. Something about a girl that will have a beer and laugh at your jokes… ah, wish I could get that twixt my nethers.


    Summer Glau > Jewel Staite. But she is a real cutie.


    Argh! I’m conflicted. How exactly do you compare a cutie who can tear a space ship apart and put it back together with a hawtie who wields an axe and sword like she as born with them in her hands…
    I dunno. And I’m not even gonna try.
    hawtness = Jewel Staite = Summer Glau = hawtness.


    Well, I think the vulnerable part mixed with the super-killer part puts River over the top. She’s damn near invincible physically, but (much like Leeloo from Fifth Element) she has a very fragile emotional state. The kind that makes you want to hold her and comfort her, even though it’s kind of silly since she can pretty much kill you faster than you can blink.