Real Life Warning Sticker



You are about to leave this place of safety, and venture into the world that lies beyond this door. You are going into a world of liars, hypocrites, murderes and thieves; of people who don’t care who you are, what you think or why you’re here. You are going to fight for your life when you open this door; with morons and sycophants, tin dictators, and heels, political vampires and religious fanatics. Beyond this oasis of dignity and strength lies the insanity of the uncaring, the foolish arrogance of youth and the dreadful waste of the aged. Ninety nine percent of the people you meet out there will act like fools and morons in your presence; like mindless, heartless hulks of animated protoplam whose only concern and singular goal is to destroy you. Once Outside, they will wrest your self respect from you, rip out your soul and tear your dreams to shreads. They will laugh at your opinions, gloat over your shortcomings, and delight in your destruction. Out there is misery, sorrow and sickness to awesome and frightening to be understood, too horrible to be imagined.

Have A Nice Day!


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