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    50 Responses to Dawwwwwwww!

    1. Those dogs look evil as hell.

      I’m honestly a little bit scared just looking at them.


    2. Cute pictures. Too bad they are what they are.
      Sorry to all of the pit bull apologists out there, but I love all dogs except pits. I see them as “dangerous bling” for some people who want to look tough.


      • According to a 27-year study of dogs in the New York City area made by Dr. Robert Oleson, of the U.S. Public Health Service, these are the 9 dogs most apt to take a nibble out of a human being. They are, in the order of their aggressiveness:

        1. German shepherd
        2. Chow chow
        3. Poodle
        4. Italian bulldog
        5. Fox terrier
        6. Mixed chow chow
        7. Airedale
        8. Pekingese
        9. Mixed German shepherd

        Hmm, no pits on there. It’s the owner not the dog. You should probably carry on with your ignorance on the subject though.


        • “It’s the owner not the dog.”



        • Those “stats” are garbage.

          They don’t take into account the number of dogs actually around at the time.

          Pitbulls need to be controlled because they defend the owner and not a territory.

          Thats why they attack other dogs and kids. Things that tend to run up to people.

          So they are good dogs but combating ignorance with ignorance isn’t productive.

          I don’t dislike these guys but I understand the fear. They may not bite as much but but when they do they do a lot more damage and a lot quicker.


          • “They may not bite as much but but when they do they do a lot more damage and a lot quicker.”

            Thats true for all large dogs.

            But why are the stats garbage? Did somebody do a study discounting it? Was the methodology lacking? Or are you just looking for another argument? I’m sure your in depth study in comma placement that earned you your MFA included several courses in study design.


            • “But why are the stats garbage?”

              “They don’t take into account the number of dogs actually around at the time.”

              If there are 1000000 German Sheppards and 10000 pitbulls naturally there would be more German Sheppard bites you fucking retard.

              Semen clogging your brain?


            • You could have bothered to do a simple google scholar search like I did and you would have found that there are no published studies by author: Oleson containing the words dog and bite.

              Instead you offer a post hoc rationalization of why the information could be wrong. Since we don’t have the methods section of said (possibly non-existent) article, we don’t know if the author took the obvious step of producing a risk ratio based on breed population.


            • You really are desperate.

              So You are saying that by being right I am right. The stats don’t hold weight.

              And you validate that you can’t even comprehend what you read until its explained to you.

              FYI: Rottweilers are the most likely to bite. You can go look it up if you’d like. I know it already.

              Pits do the most damage.


            • I just wanted to see if you had any reason behind your claim before I bothered looking into it. You didn’t, and whats worse, I had to do your homework for you. You just wanted to argue about something based on gut feeling not brain thinking. You _may_ be right, but not for the reasons that you claim.

              Pit bulls are not a breed, but a loose group including 20-30 different breeds that make up between 5-10 percent of the US dog population (so your ad hoc German Shepherds being far more common falls apart). This makes it a useless group for comparing one breed agaisnt another.

              There is no database of dog bites, so your claim that Rotties are the most likely to bite is of little value. Pits as a group do tend to bite and shake, which does cause more damage than dogs that bite and let go, but they aren’t alone in this strategy. Rotties and German Shepherds do this as well.

              Most studies on dog bites are based on media reports, and are not useful since breed identification is limited and attack reported to be from pit bulls are more newsworthy. Any mutt with a flat broad muzzle is a pit bull to the average observer.


            • Look up American pitbull terrier. Its been a recognized breed for years.

              Your stupid ass probably just looked up pitbull. Or Bull terrier. Or one of the many variations on the bull breed. American bully maybe.

              My so called claim is simply the truth you moron. How did that “research” ie: you typed in google go for you?

              All dogs bite and shake. Its the pounds per square inch applied and the tearing motion pitbulls do that makes their bites worse.

              Go ahead and try and bullshit some more. As usual the only person you thinks you’re right about anything is you.

              As far as my claim about dog bite stats…yes there most definitely are you fucking retard. Try taking more than 10 seconds to google one word and then giving up to go back to your dismal little life.

              You’re too stupid to live.

              btw German Sheppards aren’t a more widely adopted breed? Are you really that fucking dumb?


            • So you don’t offer any proof. Just more hot air. Offer some evidence. Show me the links to dog bite statistics. Show that you can do your own homework.

              The pit bull is a type of dog including several breeds. The pit bull type includes the breeds you mentioned.

              I didn’t say that German Sheppards [sic] were more widely adopted. Only that your 100 fold difference in number _guess_ was wrong. If Pits make up 5-10 percent of US dogs, German Sheppards [sic] cannot be 500-1000% of US dogs. Read for comprehension, Maggie and do try to keep up.

              Do you have any evidence that pits have a higher psi in their bites than say, German Sheppards [sic]? Because they don’t. The only live animal bite test that I have seen puts American Pit Bull Terrier almost tied with the German Sheppard [sic]. But since you obviously know better, you must have some evidence. Why don’t you offer it up?


            • No pitbulls are a breed you fucking idiot.




              Look it up yourself, asshole.

              You can’t find stats on the jaw strength of pitbulls?

              Jesus you’re a waste of a life.

              I already looked it all up long ago. I’m quite certain on all of this. So go fuck yourself with your bullshit. Reality is evidence you twit. Just go look up dog bite stats. Or hell look up keywords on pitbull bites.

              The fact that you maintain your stance on the breed because you misread something on wikipedia is pathetic.


            • Whatever, Maggie. Pit bull is a type of dog. This is an accepted term and grouping for several breeds including the APBT. The authors of the CDC report on dog bites notes this as a problem. In their summary table, pits are listed as “pit bulls”, quotation marks and all, not by any specific breed name, but by the accepted type name. In this analysis (based on media reports, a source of error), pits were the most common cause of fatal bites. For specific named breeds, Rotties and German Sheppards [sic] were the most common lethal biters.

              A report in Pediatrics www.festifall.com/agendas/2009/03/23/6a/6a-4-which_dogs_bite.pdf showed that the breeds that bite most often, based on a case control study, were German Sheppards [sic] and Chow Chows. APBTs as a breed and pits as a group didn’t even make the list.

              You looked up bite strength some time ago, but won’t provide a link and won’t offer a range? What do you think it is? Go ahead and ballpark it. 200-300 psi? 300-400? 4000-5000?

              Admit it Maggie, you don’t have any evidence beyond a gut feeling. You are just afraid of admitting that you are wrong. Just like with humans not being apes.


            • Breed Myths: Pit Bulls

              Tests that have been done comparing the bite pressure of several
              breeds showed pressure PSI (per square inch) to be considerably lower
              than some wild estimates that have been made. Testing has shown that
              the domestic dog averages about 320 lbs of pressure per square inch.
              Recently Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic conducted a comparative
              test between a Pit Bull, a Rottweiler, and a German Shepherd. The Pit
              Bull had the LOWEST PSI OF THE THREE.

              Is pit bull a breed?
              Do Pit Bulls have locking jaws?
              Do Pit Bulls attack more than other breeds?

              There is no accurate statistical data on dog bites. There is nothing in place to track dog bites in the US accurately. Many dog bites are never reported to authorities.

              You guys just like yelling at each other, don’t you?


            • Thanks, nyokki.

              I enjoy reasonable, spirited debate. Maggie fails at it, though. Its fun for a bit, but it gets boring fast when he just keeps repeating the same things over and over and won’t back up his loony beliefs.


            • neeee yoki

              The only reason there was any back and forth here is because faggot likes to embarrass himself as publicly as possible which for him means going online and acting like a fairy.

              My links also seem to conflict heavily with yours.


            • Yeah. That’s the problem w/ getting info from sites that show up in a google search. You get contradictory “facts” which generally aren’t facts so much as biased opinion. It’s not that hard to spot a pit bull, but a tad more difficult to identify which kind of terrier.

              Not all dogs bite and shake. The breeds that have the elongated snout tend to use slash and run tactics. Most types of “bull” dogs use the bite/shake/hold way of fighting, especially against larger breeds.

              What gets me about pit bulls is how strong hey are for their size. I dog-sat for a friend that had a 9ish month old pit and I couldn’t walk him properly. He was more dragging me than I was walking him. Cutest pup too and one of the most enthusiastically playful dog I’ve ever seen.

              It’s apparent that opinion weighs so heavily on this subject because there is simply no rigorous research on it. The few studies done are not for a large enough pool to be statistically significant.


            • Go ahead and embarrass me, Marge. What is the PSI for a pit bull bite?


            • While I know you’re quite proud of your new found acronym how exactly would you wager anyone could measure an entire breed’s bite strength when the size and musculature of each animal differs you brain dead faggot?

              Anythi8ng you read online would be guessing based on the size of an individual dog’s jaw. And its incidental. A turtle has a stronger bite than any dog but they’re not exactly a major concern.

              You embarrass yourself quite enough.


            • Marge, you wrote this:

              “You can’t find stats on the jaw strength of pitbulls?

              Jesus you’re a waste of a life.

              I already looked it all up long ago. I’m quite certain on all of this.”

              And now you are saying that the measurements don’t exist and can’t exist. What do you think the average pit bull bite strength is? Nyokki’s link is based on the direct test of a bite of a living dog, not its musculature and jaw size. It was a direct measurement of a bite from a trained security dog. You either can’t find stats that support your claim or you were lying before. Which is it? Or would you just like to type fag over and over as though it means that you are right?


            • He did do a study, but it’s an old one and may not be true today.
              Google search


      • A family member of mine breeds and shows pits, and in my time with them, I’ve learned something important about dogs with bad reputations:

        Certain breeds are more apt than others, they’re more loyal, obedient, and easy to control — and thus, easier to corrupt. Uncropped, well cared for pitbulls are extremely affectionate, loyal, and protective.

        I’ve watched a few of their dogs change more than a few minds.


      • No need to apologize for the dogs.

        Stupid piece of shit awful fucking ‘owners’ are another story.

        Those who consider their pets as companions and not as a way to make money have quite wonderful pit bulls, my family included. She is the sweetest damn dog I have ever known.


      • www.flickr.com/photos/kellyleong/5050074738/in/photostream/

        How is this a “dangerous bling”? You see her forehead? A human did that to her. And yet she’s never met somebody she doesn’t like.


        • You’ve done a good thing.


        • I think everyone including you are missing his point.

          He’s saying the typical owner has ego problems and wants an intimidating looking dog.

          Which is fucking well true.

          I have a Yorkie and all I hear is ‘why didn’t you get a big dog?’ all the time. Or ‘he’d be like a snack for my dog’. They’re never too impressed when I tell them ‘that’s pretty much how I feel about you’. I also get asked why I don’t wear muscle shirts or sleeveless shirts while guys half as big as me walk around posing in them and its the same reasoning. I don’t need to have people afraid of me to feel validated and a lot of pitbull owners do.

          People get those dogs because they actually like the mass perception whether you’ll/they’ll admit it or not.

          There is nothing wrong with the dogs but whether you kick it or kiss it the reasoning for getting it is the same. Just as the guy who is getting ripped on pointed out.

          Quit being overly defensive and inferring a whole lot of bullshit out of his reasonable point. He’s right and hasn’t said the dogs are bad. He just can’t get past how they are used and portrayed. That’s allowed.


          • “I also get asked why I don’t wear muscle shirts or sleeveless shirts while guys half as big as me walk around posing in them and its the same reasoning.”

            Do we even need to say it?


            • No you don’t need to say anything ever again.

              That would be great. Thanks and good luck with everything.


            • Does that mean you are coming out of the closet finally?


            • Whatever you want to tell yourself but as usual I am amazed at your inability to see the idiocy of trying to insult someone by saying they’re like you are.


            • It isn’t an insult, Maggie. The only people who seem to think so are homophobes. I’m not homophobic, so it isn’t an insult. You on the other hand have to hide your love of the penis behind hate.


            • You’re using it as an insult you idiot.

              And you did it again.

              You are too stupid to live. I’ve said that before and its truer with every post you make.

              The insane part is you can’t even see how ineffective it is. Well thats one of the insane parts.

              You’re just such a fucking loser.

              Of course you’re not homophobic. You’re not gay either right? But you are some small town dipshit who probably met a gay person once or knows some jumbo sized dyke and thinks that makes him enlightened.

              You’re a sad little person. And I call you a fag because you’re more of a fag than most homosexuals.


            • Gay and fag and dyke are only insults in the mind of a homophobe. You are the one interpreting it as an insult. From you, I see it as a cry for help hiding behind tough guy bravado. Now, homophobe, that is an insult, and being one is something to be ashamed of.

              I’d honestly like to see you come out of the closet. Its unhealthy in there for both you and the people that you verbally abuse in your quest to find some kind of self worth.


            • No fag is an insult and gay is an insult because it implies weakness of course.

              I don’t even know why you’re trying.

              If I were gay I’d have an easier life like all minority groups so why would anyone hide it other than actual recognition that its gross?

              You can try as much as you like to use it as an insult while claiming its not. I’m plain old observing you’re a fucking loser.


            • Gays have it easier? All minority groups have it easier?


              Are you even for real?


              This has to be some kind of joke. This is some kind of multiyear troll, like an eAndy Kaufman. Thats the only explanation besides some kind of paranoid disorder.


            • I’m guessing in whatever small to nothing town you’re in there aren’t even any homos so stfu.

              Gays and nigras and slanties have it easier.

              Because they cry if they don’t.

              Welcome to pretty much everything after 1990, asshole.


            • You are crying quite a bit, you know?

              I think we finally have the secret to Maggie’s success. He is a whiny little brat, always blaming his failures on minorities (pouting that he couldn’t get into an MBA program because of furriners, and didn’t really want to go anyway).

              What explains your inability to remember the rules of comma use? Are commas secretly Jews?


      • You might want ask why “they are what they are”.

        This may answer that question.

        It’s horrifying to see what we are capable of. Whatever is “wrong” w/ the breed is what we put there. It’s not only the dogs that should be put down.


    3. Too bad these dogs have a bad wrap that they will never shake. Pitbulls are loving, gentle, smart and great companions just like any other dog. For a real dog lover/handler with the experience and follow through.. pit bulls are great.

      I am considering another pitbull for my family.. my kids are under 10 years old and I have zero issues with a pit. Quit letting your 5 o’clock news influence your decision’s.


    4. I’ve been away for a while and it only took a few minutes of poking around to remind me that I love fracked again.
      I rescued a “pit bull” cross when Ontario enacted its utterly idiotic ban. They lump several dogs under the heading pitbull, as FA suggests: APBT (not a recognized breed in Canada), American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers included. The law also bans anything that even looks like a “pit bull”, which has resulted in the seizure, prolonged imprisonment, and murder of labs, boxers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, etc. Whole litters of puppies have been killed too.
      Funny thing is, the asshole politician who created the ban, Michael Bryant, has killed more Ontarians than pitbulls have. He had a fight with a bike courier, who he then dragged and then ran over with his car. He didn’t even go to court because they decided they didn’t expect him to be convicted. Of course, this is because he is a lawyer with a LOT of lawyer friends.
      Fuck anyone who hates any breed of dog because of the bullshit they read in the paper. Studies have clearly shown that dogs that bite are almost always mis-reported as pit bulls and are front page news, and other breeds that bite are hidden away in the back pages.
      I’ve listened to a lot of ignorant crap since the ban began. People are finally beginning to realize the truth though. Slowly, soooo slowly.
      My dog? A marshmallow. He has a scar on his face from a miniature pinscher who attacked him without provocation. In fact, he has been attacked numerous times and never fights back. When bad things happen, he hides behind me. Which is fine. I have a much worse temper than him, and I’m not afraid of a fight.
      Humans suck. My dog is awesome. Shut up you ignorant asshole, and hugs to FA.


    5. Oh, and this photo is adorable.


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