These eyes

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    That’s one hell of a scar, poor darling. Whatever it’s from, I hope she makes peace with it. There’s a LOT of scars out there that haunt people daily.


    A portrait by Andrea Gjestvang, named Photographer of the Year in the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards. The photograph comes from a project called “One day in history” – Portraits of children and youths who survived the massacre on the island of Utoeya outside Oslo (NO) on 22nd of July 2011. “I bear my scars with dignity, because I got them standing for something I believe in,” says Ylva Schwenke (15). Ylva from Tromso, hid by a path called “The love path”. She was shot in the shoulder, her stomach and in both of her thighs.


    The other side also believed in something, and now you’re gonna pay for his “accommodations” for the next 21 years, maybe less.


    I have seen the ”accommodations” and read about that he thinks about his life in prison. And I’m quite happy that my tax money is being used to making his life as absolutely miserable as possible.


    That’s your right, but other’s have a right to feel different.

    Also, you have a “funny” definition of “miserable”, but for some (I don’t even want to know for who, beside the guy in question) using non-stabable uncomfortable pen, could be a sadistic torture. The lack of Internet, computer is too on par with waterboarding, and shit.

    … and … more because, fuck me…


    drop some more acid and figure it out


    Yeah, I guess you have to be in “alternative state of mind” to fell as you (assuming its the same anon) do.

    Seven down votes on the main comment. Guess the prosperity, or ignorance, fucked up some peoples definition of punishment.