Superman on the couch

Superman on the couch

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    He looks worried. Like he’s at the shrink or something.. what sort of troubles would a superman need counseling for anyway xD?


    he’s thinking about what happened to that hooker when you busted a nut and made her head ASPLODE!!!!


    I think this is from the Documentary/Comedy “Confessions of a Superhero”. I watched this recently and it was hilarious. Also WW is the hawtness.

    Billy Manic

    flyingcat88: Being the only survivor of a whole world that was destroyed along with your parents and being all super, can’t even have your own identity, etc.
    But still, he can fly and shit.
    So stop bitching, Superman.


    Probably safer than a horse


    Nice package.


    frogurtx: Watched it on Sundance on Demand with the wife on Friday. It was fantastic. Don’t let your kids near Batman!

    Was not expecting the above pictured Superman to begin a conversation with “There was this one time, when I was doing way to much crystal meth…”


    Great movie if you like a documentary about a bunch of nobodys

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