mobile modifications

I’ve tightened up the mobile layout for the site, I’ve spent so much time on TikTok lately that I realized it was pretty stupid of me to not have an easy Previous / Next / Random set of buttons when you’re on your phone.  You may note that the upvote / downvote buttons do not work at this time, they’re just placeholders whilst I figure out how to do a site wide solution for ratings, as right now it’s a “per subspace” rating system which is all fine and dandy but doesn’t help when it comes time to show people the top content on the site.  Additionally the “recent comments’ link has been moved into the main dropdown menu and is actually available for anyone on desktop to easily use as well.

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  • Recent Comments Revamp

    With the new “Space” layout every Space has it’s own comment feed and comment meta data, none of which was showing up on the front page, nor on the “Recent Comments” page that’s more prominent if you’re on mobile.  I’ve made some significant changes on the back end with custom code that pulls in all the comments on the subSpaces and displays them on the sidebar.  The formatting should be exactly the same, but if you checked the comment feed this morning and compare it to what it shows now, you’ll see 100+ new comments from the various subSpaces.  There’s an RSS feed just for those subSpace comments too!

    Some people (me) like bullet points and check lists:

    1 – The comments feed in the sidebar now has comments from the entire MCS Space.

    2 – Recent Comments page has a list of all the comments too, with the comment content!

    3 – There’s an RSS feed for this, but I’m not 100% sure how it’s going to interact with the rest of the site.  Report any issues if you find them!

    I’ve already discovered and resolved a couple issues involving spam and broken links while I was making this update post, so I’m sure we’ll find more.  Thanks for checking in and let me know if you have any suggestions on what to do next!

    301s have been added for posts that are coming from Spaces

    It’s a bit technical and not many people may be too interested, but the new set up on MCS is all the Spaces feed content to the front page through what I’m calling “Notifier posts” that have no attachments and have an association back to the Space post.  Now when you land on one of those Notifier posts you’ll be automatically redirected to the Space post.  Key points of interest are that comments are disabled on the Notifier post and comments are enabled on the Space post.  Ratings go on the Space post and not the notifier, though I’m still struggling to figure out how to show the Space ratings on the Notifier.  Till I do, just click through to the Space post to leave a comment or rating!



    The Establishment of a MCS Legal Fund needs your help!

    Back in January of 2023 MCS’s registered DMCA agent received an email from an attorney trying to get us to disclose our insurance police information to them, which felt like a new attempt at a scam or spear phishing attack, but like all messages sent to the DMCA agent, it was treated as a legitimate DMCA take down notice, and the content was removed within a few hours of the report. The requesting attorney was informed of this, but they chose to ignore the emails we sent back to them, then opened another email thread with another attorney or paralegal (they were never very clear on who exactly they were), and the end of that conversation lead me to believe that they were well aware of our nature as a community of bloggers / image enthusiastic weirdos.

    Then in June MCS’s parent company was served with a lawsuit saying that we’d essentially time traveled to 2014 when an image was copywritten, then intentionally posted that copyrighted image in 2012, and went out of our way to strip the image of all the copyright information from the image.  They didn’t mention that during those time travel shenanigans that someone had added words to the images that said “coat hangers really bring out the child in you” and “the joke is abortion”, an obviously crass and low brow attempt at humor, something that we here at MCS excel at.

    All TWG sites have been converted to Spaces

    There’s still a fair bit to be done to better integrate them into the MCS ecosystem, but they’re all in the same database structure now, and now the fun work of integrating themes and submissions systems can begin!

    ETA is a while though, because there’s some other “fun” things to do first

    Space Indicator added to post details

    I’ve added a small link to the Space that any particular post comes from, just in case you want to see the entire Space and not just the one post you’re on.

    Tags from your space posts will now be sent to the front page

    Remember how we had a guy adding tags to every post that went to the front page? well now you get to add your own tags and they’ll show up on the front page too! Maybe!

    Depends on how good your tags are!

    Welcome to the new meta space

    Everything in this space is all about MCS the platform and not MCS the content.

    First up:
    Front page comment links have been moved up from below the post content to be next to the post author.

    Second up: The post title now properly links to the space that the post came from. I’ll have some 301s in place soonish so those of you consuming the front page via RSS go to the right place, but until that’s in place, you can click on the image to go where the comments live.