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Canadian graffiti

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  • Graffiti Spider-man

    Graffiti in Bellingham, Washington

    Graffiti. Chicago, Illinois.

    Graffitis by Soviet soldiers are still visible on the roof of the Reichstag building (Berlin, Germany)

    Alien Graffiti Art [2674×4096]

    Alien Gas Graffiti [2617×4096]

    Lovely thought from a graffiti artist.

    That’s one way to take care of this graffiti

    Venomous Graffiti

    Very clever graffiti

    Canadian Graffiti

    Imperial Graffiti

  • Police officers take a ride on a New York subway in the 80s Vandalism and graffiti were widespread in New York during the 70s and 80s Unrecognizable from how it is today

    Presidential Graffiti


    darwin graffiti



    Fox News breaks away from White House briefing that aired ‘F— Cops’ graffiti

    “We were not expecting that video,” Fox News’ Harris Faulkner said as the network cut away.




    Teens own cell phones exposed them spraying antigay graffiti at their school

    “I spray paint one racist thing and, suddenly, I become a racist? Just because I did it doesn’t mean I hate Jews, gay people or black people,” the hate crime perpetrator said…




    graffiti protection

    light graffiti

    light-graffiti.jpg (154 KB)

    graffiti crack

    graffiti crack.jpg

    Alligator Graffiti

    aligator.jpg (76 KB)

    If Graffiti….

    Banksy-Graffiti.jpg (87 KB)

    A Banksy

    Roa Graffiti

    roa-4503376515_c785828831-1.jpg (126 KB)

    roa-london-IMG_3270.jpg (89 KB)

    roa-london-4525078463_2e304b61e1.jpg (118 KB)

    Spidey Graffiti

    spidey wall crack.jpg (82 KB)

    Looks kinda like Banksy, but I don’t know who did this.


    Graffiti revenge

    Storminator Berlin Wall Graffiti

    Storminator-BerlinWall.jpg (666 KB)

    At this point I’m really just trying to keep my Shoopin’ skills sharp.

    Graffiti iceberg

    iceberg.jpg (165 KB)

    Han Solo Graffiti

    4974697903_8d040d0886_b.jpg (456 KB)

    Stellar Graffiti Toons

    toon2.jpg (177 KB)

    toon11.jpg (233 KB)

    toon12.jpg (86 KB)

    Darwinian Graffiti

    darwingraffiti.jpg (1 MB)

    Sauce long forgotten…free internets to the one who finds it!

    Light graffiti

    light graffiti.jpg (154 KB)

    light graffiti2.jpg (168 KB)

    light graffiti3.jpg (60 KB)

    A host of light sources, from flash lights and bike lights to blinking LED lights, are used to ‘paint’ a picture straight onto the camera lens.

    Peaceful Graffiti Artist

    Peaceful Graffiti Artist.jpg (99 KB)

    Peaceful Graffiti Artist

    Graffiti.png (454 KB)

    gets attacked by mad lady.

    Borderlands Graffiti

    turtles.PNG (815 KB)

    Saw this in the game Borderlands. I will share some of my internet with anyone who can place the quote.