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I live to ride my motorcycle long distance.

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  • Comment on MUSTANG (2023-11-29 20:36:36)
    Adam Selvidge? I've heard of him. I've heard that he is a MAD GENIUS!!
  • Comment on AIRPLANE (2023-11-21 22:32:58)
    FAT SHAMING?? lmfao!!!
  • Comment on AIRPLANE (2023-11-21 11:34:31)
    When these airplanes first hit the skies, they were still in green primer. They called them the "FLYING PICKLES". I've been run over by their shadows twice. Once in Seattle, and the second time was in the middle of the Mojave Desert!
  • Comment on MOTORCYCLE (2023-11-20 23:34:34)
    Two wheel drive.
  • Comment on FUNNY FACE (2023-11-16 00:36:49)
    That happened a lot in the 1960's.
  • Comment on FUNNY FACE (2023-11-15 18:04:40)
    You're welcome!
  • Comment on KUSTOM (2023-11-13 05:13:40)
    Yup. George Barris. He also made the Munster Koach, as well as many others...
  • Comment on KUSTOM (2023-11-13 02:21:51)
  • Comment on LIVER AND ONIONS (2023-11-10 04:20:40)
    My sister and I smothered the liver in mayonnaise. Only way to make it edible.
  • Comment on STATION WAGON (2023-11-09 11:48:08)
    I don't care for the hood scoop, but I like the car.
  • Comment on SEXY (2023-11-08 02:51:43)
    Yeah, she did have a nose job. It turned out nice.
  • Comment on PARTY PLUG (2023-11-06 06:22:08)
  • Comment on LINCOLN (2023-11-06 00:54:49)
    My father had a Continental almost exactly like this one as his company car in the 1970's. It had a 460 engine in it. I took it for a joy ride one night. I beat the crap out of it!! LOL
  • Comment on ENGINE (2023-10-29 20:56:51)
    I know. Do you REALLY want me to start correcting all of your posts?
  • Comment on TOY (2023-10-28 22:56:49)
    My cousin got one for X-Mas one year at our grandparents' home. I don't think it had a spring. We launched it down the basement stairs maybe a hundred times.
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