Mushroom Wallpaper

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  • Five times Marilyn

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    The loser

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    Crush of the Day – Frank Carter of Gallows

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    he’s so dreamy…

  • Reno racers

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    Snowy Kitty

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    Colorful wallpapers

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    purple haze…all thru mah brain

    Syphilis Ad

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    Studebaker Truck

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    Another cool random vehicle I saw on my last road trip. An old Studebaker truck.

    ‘merican iconomy for bubbies

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    so dumb down that casemods can understand it, maybe

    Alcohol is bad for my legs

    A man walks into a cocktail lounge and approaches Maxine sitting by herself.

    “May I buy you a cocktail?”

    “No thank you,” Maxine replies, “alcohol is bad for my legs.”

    “Sorry to hear that. Do they swell?”

    “No, they spread.”

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  • Is Rick Scott lord voldemort?

    I think he has a passing resemblance.

    Sexy goth guys

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    DeNiro on movies

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    Miss Universe

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    Humans rule.

    Futuristic submarine thing

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    wth is that?
    it’s so cool.

    Africa and Card

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    Tasteless yet tacky

    Helmet Decal

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    This one is from my old helmet that I crashed with. The helmet saved my life.


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    Fuck Monument Valley National Park

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    Fuck this place place. Fuck this windy place. Some of the worst fucking westerns every made were filmed here, not that I give a fuck.

    Zion National Park 3

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    I had to use film on my last trip. Having a digital camera allowed me to take a lot more photos. Everywhere you look is fantastic.

    Pond Pollen in Orlando, Florida

    The photo above shows a layer of pollen covering a small pond in Disney World, Orlando, Florida. In sunny central and southern Florida, tree pollen is in the air in mid February to about mid March — much of the pollen this time of year is pine and sweet gum

    via Pond Pollen in Orlando, Florida – Earth Science Picture of the Day.

    This crap is covering everything that stands still for more than 15 seconds. My truck is disgusting with tree jizz all over it.

    20ft penske box truck

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    I used to drive these in manual transmission for work.

    I also took a wrong turn once and had to drive through 10 miles of mountain near the russian river.

    The sign said “rv’s not recommended” and I should have listened.

    We could have died…

    Have you seen this cat?

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    Have you seen this cat? I have now!

    Biker finger template

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    Past this over another picture and let the awesome bike finger M[C]S meme commence!

    Fire safety

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    Please do not use the elevator.

    Badass biker flipping off hells angels head quarters

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    This guy is pretty badass to be flipping them off!

    Neat Ads

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    Cute Cosplayer

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    Just found these while reading very high-minded and important internet things. I don’t know who the third character is supposed to be (I mean, obviously, Mira, but I don’t know the reference).

    More here:

    Best troll ever

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    Zion National Park 1

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    This was my second trip through. It is an amazing place. Second most beautiful park I have ever seen. The filmed Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid there.

    Engines of Armageddon

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    Very nice and dark photo of a band I went to see a few weeks ago. Not quite sure how to describe them, but “bonged-out thrash-power-doom-groove” is what someone else has written.


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    Some things aren’t worth it in hindsight…

    (I don’t recall where I got the original photo, sorry.)

    Total Art Matchbox

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    by Ben Vautier, 1966.