glossy lips

p727639.jpg (28 KB)

prostate exam

o8857.jpg (674 KB)

orges are not safe from them

Daytona Beach

DaytonaBeach.jpg (172 KB)


Fear_flier_1.gif (154 KB)

The last band I ever paid to see.

Robert Duvall

duvallrobert2.jpg (244 KB)

Loves the smell of napalm in the morning.

1963 Ford Thunderbird

DSC_0017.jpg (84 KB)


krakatoa-eruption.jpg (139 KB)

Black Chopper

LL001.jpg (114 KB)

Palm Tree on the Beach

Palm-Tree.jpg (157 KB)

wish I was there…

  • Trike

    SDC10753.jpg (103 KB)


    Death Valley

    death_valley_sign_along_1902.jpg (110 KB)

    Angry Birds cake

    130799094533_copy_final_sm.jpg (1 MB)

    Lost Wages

    Las_Vegas_Sign_II.jpg (207 KB)


    2MyTwins1977.jpg (98 KB)

    The Photo Booth

    vicphotobooth.jpg (99 KB)

    anne hathaway in full catwoman costume

    Why doesn’t she look like a cat?

    Internet Argument BINGO

    IABingo_0.PNG (85 KB)

    I could think of a few hundred more…


    o680976.jpg (510 KB)


    o697907.jpg (1 MB)

    o697906.jpg (321 KB)

    o697901.jpg (288 KB)

    i seen enough hentai to know where this is going

    North Pole of Mars

    North-Pole-of-Mars.jpg (548 KB)

    Skeleton Trike

    Skeletontrike.jpg (175 KB)

    troll flag

    8410e8fd09d23bab1a411590b2f39333.png (139 KB)


    there’s like 600 posts set for the future, if you were MCS+ you’d be able to see them.

    Also, commenting has been re-enabled for the future posts, so those of you that are already MCS+ can now go in there and comment to your little heart’s desire.

    robot sex

    tumblr_lni8f51OfW1qabj53o1_1280.gif (235 KB)

    helmet head

    o400458.jpg (547 KB)

    she’s ready for sex

    soyuz take off

    0001.jpg (206 KB)

    it was fun whit lasted

    Space Ace

    Ace.jpg (138 KB)


    CIMG0466.jpg (325 KB)