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    Haley Bennett

    Greg Cox Interview With

    I’m going to Shore Leave!
    I’m interviewing authors before I go
    Greg Cox Is The Second Guest
    I had no technical issues and everything went fantastic!


    Mr Greg Cox has been writing Star Trek books for over 30 years with over 19 novels published with Trek and has been writing in many other franchise playgrounds including CSI, Buffy, Green Hornet, Warehouse 13, The Librarians, Batman, Planet of the Apes, and Godzilla were among the ones mentioned in this interview, but there’s surely more!

    He has a book coming out later this month, Star Trek: Lost to Eternity, a 130,000 word story involving three different time periods all working over connecting mysteries. He helped give Una Chin Riley her name, which one of the few bits of canon that originated in the books and made it to the screen, as verified by Anson Mount himself.

    The tail end of this interview has a fair bit of interesting setup for the forthcoming book, I’ve already preordered it myself, so why haven’t you?

    Elizabeth Olsen

    Ana de Armas



    Jessica Lange, 1994