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  • Comment on at least hes not bush (2012-02-17 23:39:11)
    Magnus's brain was dislodged during a moose-cock chugging incident when he was a teen. According to legend, he was capable of realizing that there are viewpoints other than "left wing" and "right wing" before that tragic day.
  • Comment on at least hes not bush (2012-02-17 23:35:15)
    you are obviously a fucking idiot, please do not post.
  • Comment on Papoose board (2012-02-05 02:13:34)
    Attach to fence post or flagpole for crucifixion fun!
  • Comment on george clooney - anti-republican crusaders (2012-01-01 21:01:57)
    Go huff some more paint asshole (try silver). Stupid ass comments like this are exactly why anonymous posts should be blocked. Whenever I see UID# blank I know that I am about to see a worthless comment by some tool that is way too stupid to be on this site. At least when magnus posts I can see his stupid name and know that some stupid nonsense comment is about to follow and i can laugh about how he probably took one too many hockey pucks to his big retarded head!
  • Comment on If a man has an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers we call him crazy. (2011-12-13 17:58:46)
    Wealthy individuals that are manipulating our system to their own ends and the detriment of society in general ARE THE PROBLEM wealthy politicians that are giving our national wealth away to their corporate sponsors are also the problem. There are plenty of wealthy individuals who are decent folks, but there are plenty more who aren't.
  • Comment on misunderstood 99 percent (2011-12-07 05:44:50)
    remember how hard kim kardashian worked and never quit.
  • Comment on misunderstood 99 percent (2011-12-07 04:56:56)
    What a fucking idiot. Well at least this dumfuk was smart enough not to get his/her stupid ass/face in the photo so we can all point and laugh and say "you still don't get it even though you are about to graduate from your apparently shitty school" as he/she walks down the street . Guess what asshole I dont have any debt and i live well within my means AND I AM NOT OK WITH THE GOVERNMENT GIVING HANDOUTS AND PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT TO BIG BANKS AND SCUMBAG CORPORATIONS AND HANDING THE BILL TO THE TAXPAYER.
  • Comment on Euthanasia Coaster (2011-12-05 05:41:51)
    yeah, i can fucking handle that shit. This post should be called "ride for people who are not fuckin pussies" . If riding this bitch kills you then you were some kind of fucking pussy and you had it coming...inside you because you are a squishy moist pussy.
  • Comment on swimming with polar bears (2011-12-05 05:36:49)
    @crewmanguy : to me it looked like a "how the hell am i supposed to eat yous with this effing force-field in my way!" look.
  • Comment on weed woman (2011-11-05 17:27:00)
    I love you!
  • Comment on mantis shrimp. (2011-08-10 17:55:30)
    the Mas Oyama of the crustacean world!
  • Comment on Awesome game (2011-08-08 03:55:51)
    zombies ate my neighbors was so goood.
  • Comment on lip piercing (2011-07-05 22:41:17)
    Agreed, I don't mind a reasonable amount of small earrings, a bellybutton ring is ok looking but will get infected, and a nose ring if small enough can look ok (but only on dark skinned girls IMNSHO). But all other piercings look worse than shit, seriously girls, just smear some faeces on that area you were gonna put a stupid piecing, it is cheaper, less painful and looks better. lip rings are horrid, tit rings are wrong (are you trying to break my teeth?), and clit rings are criminal. Dont even get me started on the prince albert...sick bastard.
  • Comment on awesome arrows (2011-06-28 17:43:26)
    methinks she might have a little trouble shooting those.
  • Comment on liberal elitism bias (2011-05-11 20:06:08)
    The fact that obama is a dick does not change the fact that bush is an asshole and an idiot. Stop identifying with political parties, stop trying to defend their figureheads. Obama is a much better speaker than bush, he is a smooth slimy jerk whereas bush was a blundering moronic embarrassment.
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