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  • Comment on senior pinky pie (2013-04-13 02:23:15)
  • Comment on Can't Marry, Can't Divorce (2010-09-21 05:40:11)
    Thank you for imposing your sharia law. Don't rest on your laurels. Carry your marriage-defending momentum and get to work outlawing divorce. Extra credit if you can outlaw inter-faith and inter-racial marriage!
  • Comment on car crapper (2010-09-01 02:03:49)
    Robins: the narcissist bird. Really, it spends that much time starting at itself in the side mirrors?
  • Comment on american police (2010-03-28 20:29:36)
  • Comment on Peter Graves Dead At 83 (2010-03-15 23:34:34)
    Good morning, Jim.
  • Comment on 101 Muppets of Sesame Street (2010-03-09 00:01:56)
    Gotta catch 'em all!
  • Comment on big truck (2010-02-27 02:44:43)
  • Comment on multipiercing (2010-02-13 12:14:08)
    Leeloo Dallas Multipierce
  • Comment on pig bath (2010-01-24 00:05:02)
    I love bacon, too. But I know where to draw the line.
  • Comment on home made volvo rear end (2010-01-19 02:00:58)
    Swedish El Camino.
  • Comment on the end of the world as we know it (2010-01-03 15:24:02)
    > It[']s also a distraction. It was one of his many campaign planks. It's also a noticeable drain on the US economy. If the change passes, and works out for the better, he'll have done some good. > You[r] new president was supposed to be the harbinger of change. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. The politician running for office spoke many words. The politician once in office has yet to act upon those words. I will be far less hopeful in 2012. > Last I checked you were still in a war he promised to get you out of. *Three* wars, actually. 1. War against Drugs. 2. War against Iraq. 3. War against Afghanistan. All three are draining our economy and wasting lives.
  • Comment on Ornithopter (2009-12-23 00:11:00)
    The strength requirements for wing-powered flight just don't scale well to human-capacity vehicles. At least not using current materials. Maybe once we learn how to manufacture Unobtanium in mass quantities.
  • Comment on Weird? (2009-12-20 23:09:48)
    Yay for Subnomality! I especially love the strips where the Sphinx shows up.
  • Comment on Tigers (2009-12-13 20:01:34)
    So cute. So warm. So pointy.
  • Comment on Wing Walker (2008-08-27 11:42:51)
    No step
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