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  • Comment on awesome car (2011-01-14 02:24:33)
    It's a early ford Tudor body, custom build Z'ed frame, and the engine is the best part, it's a big block diesel motor out of a newer model John deer tractor. Custom built intake manifold, with duel turbos!! How many tractor motors you see with 2 turbos! Crazyness!! And to finish it off the big pipe sticking straight up above the motor is the exhaust pipe, when he guns the the motor it send up a big black cloud at least 40ft high. Defiantly not a green vehicle lol. I have seen it in person a couple times in car shows in california and one in Vegas, sorry for rambling but I am a big gear head.
  • Comment on My first MCS post!? (2009-03-27 15:31:14)
    wow i am serprized this pic went over better than mine with my girlfriend, you guys ripped me a new one, you guys are actually being nice, i like it! and you two look great cheers
  • Comment on Mink Fur: Leather Out (2009-03-16 11:05:15)
    each skin is sewn together to make a fur coat or fur garment, ya know the kind that old women where and russian chicks where. a coat can be anywhere from 6 grand to 16 grand, big bucks
  • Comment on Joseph Smith (2009-02-25 13:08:46)
    if those gold plates were real tha john smith spoke about and the were pure gold and the mesurments were correct each one of those plates would of been 2,000 lbs each! solid gold! not likly, and he clamed to carry these plates across the desert. holding 4 thousnd pounds! this i gotta see!
  • Comment on my old lady and i (2009-02-23 13:10:09)
    hey everybody this is my post! sorry for those who dont like it! but that me! pabst blue ribbon is my beer of choice that or guinnes. i can agree to the budlight comments. she is my girlfriend not my wife but soon will be i can send you pictures of us together for the non belivers if you like, thats no prob just hit me up. thank you for all that did actually welcome me
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