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  • Comment on Iron Man 2 First Photo! (2009-05-06 12:42:35)
    @Tetsuo137: Seriously? Gambon is a really poor Dumbledore. He seem panicked or frightened in almost every scene.
  • Comment on Salma Hayek (2009-04-09 18:49:12)
    @RSIxidor: Except for when she's all coked out for days at a time up at Jaime Foxx's house. (Which apparently happens often enough that several different people I know in Tarzana/Encino have mentioned it to me)
  • Comment on Trilogy Meter (2009-02-17 20:17:48)
    @rattybad: Anyone who liked X-Men 3 is retarded. The movie was terrible, the script was awful, and the acting was crap. If you seriously liked x-3, then I seriously have a video of me taking a dump which you'll probably love. @Putridity: The 'huge mechanised gun bots' were one of the worst parts of The Matrix 2 & 3. "Oh, I know, lets build these really awesome exo-skeletons for fighting the machines, but we'll build them so they off exactly _zero_ protection to the human operating them." While they were at it, they should have research a suit to protect them from 3-inch bees, and worked on bullet proofing their legs.
  • Comment on Batman - Batfamily (2009-01-20 13:17:50)
    The guy in bandages is the villain of the series this pic is from, Hush. To Gordon's right is his daughter and ex-Batgirl Barbara. Now that she's stuck in a wheelchair, she goes by the name Oracle. To Gordon's left is Huntress. She's just like, some other vigilante in Gotham. IIRC she recently filled the role of the TIm Burton looking Batgirl that's been around recently.
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