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  • Comment on Al'lah (2013-02-11 13:34:03)
    Now don't quite me on this cause I'm reciting from memory In 9th grade I had this hardcore muslim-convert teacher. She would tell us all the time about how awesome Islam is and such, and what drew her in was the geometry of the mosques. The Muslims of yore saw beauty in geometry, and characteristically, almost every mosque is going to have intricate tile patterns similar to this. As I recall, they saw Allah in the geometry (in the same way that some people see god in math and physics)
  • Comment on hot to infuriate a christian (2013-01-25 16:18:27)
    tl;dr her tits have their arms crossed
  • Comment on regional map of US and Canada (2013-01-23 15:28:03)
  • Comment on Satanic toast (2013-01-18 20:02:29)
  • Comment on mucha art (2013-01-11 16:10:33)
    All 4 of these women are in the Clark Art Institute, a yearly pilgrimage I make (before May, when it's still free)
  • Comment on Wreck-It Ralph movie poster (2012-12-19 15:02:21)
    I enjoyed this movie. Covered a lot of genres of games, and had hundreds of little nerdcore easter eggs
  • Comment on TNG Dolls Part 2 (2012-10-31 14:55:17)
    I'd buy Q with real money
  • Comment on USS Saipan (2012-10-27 00:56:31)
    You know, I consider myself a Trekkie. Not a die-hard, but nothing is going to change the fact that this ship has a dick.
  • Comment on Merrrrrrrrr (2012-10-25 01:13:27)
    I just had an acid flashback thanks to this image,
  • Comment on Us vs Moon (2012-10-22 17:35:46)
  • Comment on Us vs Moon (2012-10-22 17:34:48)
    inb4 'Merica
  • Comment on Roland Deschain of Gilead (2012-10-15 17:00:24)
    Maybe 10 years younger than I'd imagined him. Still amazing.
  • Comment on DOOM does as he pleases! (2012-10-15 16:59:34)
  • Comment on Project Godzilla (2012-10-15 13:24:45)
  • Comment on fag sign (2010-11-03 09:01:39)
    FAG is a company that makes bearings. My uncle once did a contract for them and asked a 15-year-old me "hey, do you wanna come check out the fag plant?" Fun times.
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