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  • Comment on ice bomb (2021-10-08 21:44:48)
    If it is a hot fryer then the ice would boil and expand so fast that lots of the oil would splatter everywhere, potentially starting a fire. Deep fryers are one of the most dangerous things in a restaurant kitchen, even small amounts of water can result in someone getting burnt. If this person actually put the ice in, there is a good chance they wouldn't get away in time and end up in the burn ward.
  • Comment on Fatboy Down (2017-05-05 22:21:48)
    That sucks. I used to ride a moped in town and always felt super fragile. Having just two wheels really changes the driving game. Hit a pothole on a gravel road once, only doing like 10mpg or less, but the landing definitely had me dazed. and soaked in the 6-pack from my basket. I personally know one person that died from hitting a wolf while on motorcycle, riding can be so randomly dangerous. I drive AWD these days, appropriate for Wisconsin, but I still will be wanting/getting a dash-cam in the near-future because of all the goddamn idiots everywhere. Yield means yield, not suddenly full brake stop in front of me, ffs. Yeah, idiots have been allowed to drive sadly.
  • Comment on IT bingo (2013-02-20 20:59:06)
    I.T. Support is a very high stress job, not always worth the pay. Also, it doesn't pay as well as you think. This is referring to the Tech Support that get all the dumb questions, not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs that made the idiots have the dumb questions. Alcohol makes the users go away...
  • Comment on black hitler (2011-09-20 22:34:32)
    Some interesting German you have. Based on your failure at understanding simple logic, I'm going to assume this German you have is your first language.
  • Comment on black hitler (2011-09-20 17:13:24)
    Yes, because I am X person that you know with X followers that came to X town. Such sound logic from someone that calls others retards.
  • Comment on black hitler (2011-09-19 22:54:59)
    Sounds as if you have some experience with groups of retards and feces. Just sayin.
  • Comment on Browser fight (2011-09-19 02:23:58)
    No, Opera is tied up in the corner waiting for the victor to claim the spoils.
  • Comment on Augh! My aura! (2011-09-19 02:21:18)
    If a hippy wants to punch someones aura, they must have done something offensive to deserve it.
  • Comment on The new Bane (2011-09-09 04:37:08)
    Goatse was no meme, it is a scar on my eyeball. ya know?
  • Comment on Troll God 3 (2011-09-09 04:33:46)
    All this really shows is that some troll doesn't understand the English language enough to avoid double-negatives.
  • Comment on hail to the king (2011-08-15 02:18:34)
    Duke's persona never fails. Everything else fails around him.
  • Comment on blue eyes (2011-08-09 04:45:48)
    No, these would be blue eyes: http://ferdyonfilms.com/Dune%20Witt%20edit.JPG
  • Comment on Alpha Dog (2011-08-03 04:57:30)
    You are trying too hard. Also never mess with a pregnant woman with a gun.
  • Comment on TSA`s Favorite PC Game (2010-11-17 19:34:33)
    Sorta a repost. And I think that phone is a Mytel voip. The computer very likely could be an Optiplex 755, maybe not exactly a 755 but I think they switched the style of monitors shipped with them somtime after that model. But its the clock that definitely makes this office.
  • Comment on The Void (2010-11-15 23:16:59)
    Went from depressing to utterly depressing quite fast. jeez
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